Squid Game The Biggest Korean Hit series Review!!

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Squid Game The Biggest Korean Hit Series Review!!



  • The Game Is All About Money!


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Squid Game The Biggest Korean Hit Series Review!!

All right it's October Halloween around the corner, I think the squid game counts for that Halloween vibe.




A squid game is a south Korean cinema series on Netflix it's nine episodes long and the premise is there's this company person or otherwise entity who finds people who are in the debt you know people are just crushed under the weight of their debt they cannot pay these debts off they're impoverished they're down on their luck and they're promised hey you can get a lot of money pay off all your debts and then some if you come and play some games children's games.




 What can go wrong we all played children's games when we were kids on the playground well they're children's games and they're not told it's life and death but yeah if you fail the game you die which is a great premise I Heard it's the super hyper-violent thing I appreciate is it is violent but again the violence never

felt gratuitous you know it never felt out of context it all worked for the premise of the story but it's not just a bunch of people playing games and that's entertaining enough it would be entertaining enough but it goes further with an allegory on classism human nature money.

The Game Is All About Money!!



What is money, how does it change you as a person, how does it change how you view other people and what you're capable of doing to them and it's all delivered to you in this dish called squid game?


This dish that has the allegory easily digestible but is also equal parts entertaining great performances by lee Jung-Jae, uh he's our lead he's our the guy he's the one that we're behind for this entire odyssey you can tell from the get-go that dude isn't everyday guys he's not like the guy you know the guy who's going to win this thing no underdog from the get-go any team he's in they're the underdog team and we're fighting life and death here so everyone's life is on the line he has a few moments of conflict where it's like do I go with where I know I'll probably have a better chance do I do the human thing and team up with this other person who also has no shot so they can have a better shot great human connections in this story there's one game, in particular, I about cry I'm not gonna front I had the knot in my throat and it's not just him in that segment, in particular, that's when actress ho Yung Jung stepped into the forefront of like oh so she's a powerhouse in here too all right she's the quiet pickpocket girl who sits in the background but no this game is one game in particular where they're dealing with the ugly things they might have to do to win the toll it's taken on their soul is a human the connections they're forming at this point you know people aren't just nameless and faceless opponents anymore I watched this episode binging it with my dad we binged this entire thing in one sitting but after that episode, I was like wow that was some heavy he was like yeah.




I love the way this series wonderfully shows how it's the high school cafeteria it's the elementary school cafeteria it's that schoolyard thought process at first, you're like oh yeah kid games that's you know of course it'll feel like that but it's not it's that's human nature you look at how schoolyard systems structures friend groups bully everything is structured that's human nature at work in its purest form by the lord of the flies is great that's kind of what this felt like it felt like an aggregate of a few other stories all of which I enjoy it' well I've heard a lot of hunger games I'm gonna go ahead and say hunger games or battle royale 


More than a few shots and scenes mixed with some of the song choices where I was like this is very Kubrick also I love

the fact that these enforcers these ominously masked people with guns you don't see their faces you're not supposed to see their faces but you also at a point get the feeling like oh they're slaves to this system too so who's free and I appreciate any story that has revealed as you go along where the reveals are hinted at before the reveals happy you know if you're paying attention you can spot some clues that can help you peel back the layers of okay I’ve figured some things out I just appreciate that where I can go back watch it again like oh yeah that was totally hinted at right there I missed it I suppose if it was one human being doing it in life it'd be arrogance if it's cleverly executed in the show that's just good writing.

At the End:


In the end, this show worked on every level that I can think of great acting great characters great human depth and relationships among the characters the games were absurdly entertaining the blood factor and carnage again entertaining in that gory satisfaction kind of way but also never cease to be disturbing and I cannot talk about the tension in this show enough the tension was top-notch

you need tension in a premise like this. In some episodes I held my breath for five minutes, other episodes 45 amazed I didn't pass out, in the end, we have a great show about the core of humanity.



I was hoping that south Korean films would get more exposure here in us you know as more  releases would come over here and it looks like that is starting to happen and squid game is not the only testament it's not just like squid game and parasite and they're two anomalies no there's a lot of south Korean cinema


that is great and a lot of us over here just don't know about it.


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