Some basic types of ads and tips to use for making your business grow with TikTok

TikTok is becoming the center of attention for many businesses and brands. Due to it’s unique approach toward audience engagement and authenticity, it becoming to be believed more than any other app.


This is why if you are considering social media marketing, don’t forget the TikTok app. This app could help you driving the massive traffic but there are some strategies to plan.


Before all the strategies, be acknowledged of the types of ads you can run on TikTok. Here we are going to mention some of the prominent working ads types. So let’s start with it;


       1. Feed ads

Feed ads or For You page ads are those who are just similar to Facebook or Instagram ads. These ads are shown on the ForYou page of a TikTok user. Here, this ad should be no more than 60 seconds, and the first 15 seconds the engaging.


This ad would be shown in a full screen mode and user may skip the ad if don’t want to watch it. Usually feed ads are worthy as they can make a lot in the context of impressions, clicks and further analysis.


2.Branding the name

Think about the purpose of using TikTok for a video creator! The video editing features and excellent filters to apply. Here your branding comes with a little effort of no cost.


you might have a designing department or spend some money or creating some special filters, stickers or effects with your brand name. Now everyone who will be using that feature will be seeing your brand name and your business gets exposure.


3.Top view ads

This ad type could be called as starter of application feed. As this ad is placed on the very top and users have to watch it for some time to skip or watch the next video. This ad is also 60s longer and you can utilize this time wisely to make it impactful.


4.Creating hashtags challenge

Just like Twitter, hashtags play a vital role in making your video go viral. Therefore, a hashtag game could be helpful for you if you create a challenge. In this type of advertisement, you would be generating a specific hashtag and asking tiktokers to make videos over it for a prize. This greed of achieving this prize makes a hashtag viral and your branding is on another level.


Now once you are clear about the type of ad you should create, there are other uses of TikTok. Make a profile of your business on TikTok, here are some tips to keep your TikTok audience active and convert them to customers;


  • Becoming a challenger

TikTok challenges are the most easiest opportunities for small  businesses to grow. As all those who take part in challenges, they get viral thoroughly. You can do the same by considering yourself the authentic person and performing that challenge.


The more you are at ground level, there are more chances that people would get emotionally attached to your brand. Doing so would be making your real business close to your customers.


  • Examine the audience's interest

If TikTok is a video uploading and recording platform, it doesn’t mean that you would be just creating videos and getting popular. You have to determine which is your audience, i.e they are interested in pranks, DIY, funny, dancing, or acting videos.


Once you are clear about the interest of your audience, you can ask your employees or people to make that type of videos on your business or brand. Doing so would be making a realistic impact and the videos would be going viral.


  • Adding location

This is the advance strategy of telling without speaking. You can capture the videos outside of your brand store or business place. Also, you can add the location in caption or videos text. This would help them knowing the real location and possible chances are there of visits by customers.


  • Be authentic and less advert

The more authentic you are , there are more chances of building customer trust. As this platform is for real people and they interact with each other. So you shouldn’t be out of the crowed, make yourself part of the community with authentic approach of making videos.


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