Skin Care and Some Hazards that can Cause Skin Damage in Pakistan

SKIN the largest organ in our body:

As we all know, skin is the largest organ of our body and it is as important to take care of our skin as we take care of other organs. Skin being the largest organ can cause many diseases or illnesses if not taken care of. Skin cancer is spreading wide due to poor take care


SUN RAYS the biggest threat for our skin:


Sun is the biggest threat to our skin. The ultraviolet radiation from the sun is causing the biggest damage to our skin. For this purpose, dermatologists recommend using sunblocks on your skin whether you are at home or outside. Our skin is a sensitive organ containing melanin on the outer epidermis layer which protects our skin from ultraviolet radiation. When A person's skin is exposed to sunlight quite often our skin produces more melanin and hence becomes dark. People with very sensitive skin and sun allergies have less melanin in their bodies so they need to protect themselves from direct sun. They can avoid the sun by wearing full clothes, applying sunblock and by avoiding the sun from 10 am-2 pm. Severe conditions can lead to skin cancer and skin cancer should not be taken lightly. One needs to check their skin more often to note any strange growths and desiccation.




1- Wrinkling:

Skin shows ageing signs mainly wrinkling. wrinkling means loose skin due to which lines and folds are formed on our skin. This causes early ageing.



Pigmentation is the darkening of skin and uneven skin tone, especially around the eye area.


3-Skin texture:

Uneven skin texture, skin becomes dull and rough in appearance.


4-Change in Skin tone:

Skin tone changes drastically. It becomes 2-3 tones darker than your original skin tone.


5-Broken capillaries:

Our skin has small capillaries which can be damaged due to sun exposure.


6-Redness and blotchiness:

Blotchiness is irregular patches on the skin. These patches can be purple, red, blue.




Following are the general tips that everyone should follow to take care of their skin:


1-Hot water and long baths can remove oil from your skin and can cause eczema.


2-shaving also destroys our skin so make sure to shave carefully and also use shaving creams or any lotion and gel.


3-moisturize your skin daily. Because less moisturization causes dryness which can lead to eczema (a condition where the skin becomes bumpy and irritated with severe itchiness).


4-Don’t rub your skin harshly while drying it. Use gentle motions or pat dry. Also, use your owels or skin tools because by sharing this stuff other bacteria can cause you skin issues.


5-Avoid soaps with acidic properties try to use gentle and organic skin products. Because strong soaps can drain out all the oils from your skin.


6- know your skin type.




Knowing your skin type is the main thing if one wants to take care of his/her skin. But most people neglect it and some even don't know what skin type is. So, the main thing is to gain knowledge about it.




There are in total 5 types of skin:



Oily skin is porous and prone to acne. Oily skin is the cause of excessive production of sebaceous glands. Causes include genetics and hormonal issues.



Dry skin means flakey skin which is mostly caused by changing weather conditions, for example, sun, humidity, dryness. People with dry skin need proper moisturization.



Combination skin type people have both oily and dry skin depending on the area of the skin for example some people have dry skin but their T-zone is oily and vice versa.



People with normal skin are considered lucky because normal skin doesn't have any imperfections. It is not too dry and not too oily without any imperfections.



Sensitive skin is the most problematic skin type. People with sensitive skin feel tightening, itchiness, heat or discomfort. This type of skin lacks any protection barrier and is hence more prone to infections and microorganisms. In short, the skin is delicate and needs extra care.  







Following are the steps to follow to achieve healthy skin.



Cleansing means removing all the dirt or any makeup, impurities from your skin by using a nice cleanser or face wash.


Toners are used to maintain the pH of the skin.


serums are Specific for specific areas. Serums are mainly oil-based and provide antioxidants and nutrients to the skin. 


Moisturization is as important as drinking water. It is not only important for dry skin but also for oily skin. It provides enough hydration to the skin.


Sunscreen is as important as brushing your teeth. As discussed in the beginning  UV radiations from the sun are very harmful to our skin. Sunscreen prevents and protects our skin from those harmful radiations.


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