Shared hosting Vs VPS, which one is best to buy

Hosting services are expanding with every coming year. Technology is bringing evolution that helps people choose more for a single problem.


Today you can find millions of hosting services offered by different companies. These companies offer unique packages with different pricing and offers. But among all these hosting types and packages, which one suits your needs?


This is why today; we are going to discuss two mostly discussed hosting types. After reading this piece of writing, you can easily judge about best hosting type to buy.


Shared hosting;

Shared hosting is one of the most purchased hosting types in the world. Different IT hubs and freelancers buy this hosting plan to work on lower costs.


As by the name, shared hosting is a hosting type that lets you divide resources and a single hosting into different users. By doing this, they can save the costs by dividing them into different users.


Many companies are now offering their best in shared hosting plans. You might be thinking about a slow website and downtime of the website. But there is no such issue in shared hosting until you buy it from a verified company.


The only issue with shared hosting is that all the users would be sharing their server and data as well. Thus, there are more chances of data leakage and other vulnerabilities. Also, if any of users make some changes in the script, one error can bring down the server for all.


VPS hosting;

VPS stands for virtual private servers. This hosting type is mostly used by programmers and large businesses to ensure the safety of data and faster hosting. You can also share VPS hosting but this sharing would be offering separated computer functions. This would prevent data leakages and ensure 100% uptime.


Which one is best?


Mostly buying hosting depends on the need of a company. If you are running an IT company of 10 to 50 people buying shared hosting could be the best option for you. But if you are dealing with personal projects, always go with VPS hosting. 

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