Seven continents of the globe

      Seven continents of the globe


Universe is large. Universe has several star systems however scientists have solely studied one wherever earth is gifted. There area unit a complete eight planets within the scheme mercury,venus,earth,mars,jupiter,saturn,uranus, and neptune however the sole planet wherever life is feasible is Earth. Earth is the third planet from the sun. 29.2% is land on Earth and rest is water . Land consists of continents and islands. Continents area unit massive components of land that area unit separated by oceans and have geographical boundaries whereas islands area unit little sides encircled by water. They need numerous names. There are uncountable islands on earth whereas there are unit seven continents given on earth solely. Seven continents of earth embody the Antarctic continent: South America,North America,Asia,Europe,Africa,oceania. we'll discuss it intimately. 



Antarctica, the world's southernmost continent and residential to the South Pole, could be a barren, ice-covered barren. The peninsula, that reaches toward South America, is visited by the bulk of voyages to the continent. It's notable for the iceberg-flanked Lemaire Channel and Paradise Harbor, additionally as Port Lockroy, a former British analysis station turned depository. The peninsula's remote location additionally attracts a good kind of species, together with an enormous population of penguins. The Antarctic continent  covers fourteen.2 millionkm². 


2- South America:

South America occupies approximately seventeen.84millionkm². it's a 422.5 million population.  There area unit several languages spoken in South America together with English,French,dutch,Portuguese,Spanish etc. it's 12-15  countries together with  Bolivia,Brazil, Chile,Colombia, Ecuador,Guyana ,Panamá,Paraguay,Perú,Suriname,Trinidad and Tobago,Uruguay,Venezuela. "The majority of the continent's population resides on its western or jap coasts, whereas the inside and extreme south area unit is sparsely inhabited."Geography of western south america is dominated by a range of mountains. The jap half contains each highland region and immense lowlands wherever rivers like amazon,orinoco and prana flow. aside from an outsized portion of the southern cone. The continent is generally tropical. 


3- North America:

Latin America could be a continent within the hemisphere that occupies nearly all of the New World. it's additionally called the northern landmass of America, one continent."It is edged on the north by the ocean, on the east by the ocean, on the south by South America, and on the southeast by the Caribbean."The North yankee tectonic plate runs across Greenland". It occupies a neighborhood of about twenty four.71millionkm². The population of this continent is 579 million.

Because of Europe's constitution of terra firma, the bulk of North Americans speak European languages like English, Spanish, or French, and their cultures are heavily influenced by Western customs. Autochthonic teams still practise their ancient traditions and canadian, mexicans,US and central Americans speak their own language.


4- Asia:

 the largest continent is Asia in step with the population. Most expenses are found in Japan and the New World. It occupies forty four.84millionkm² of space. The population of Asia is four.561 billion. It includes countries Asian countries,India,China,dubai,south peninsula,afghanistan,iran,saudi peninsula,Maldives,malaysia etc. There are tons of languages spoken in Asia together with Urdu,Pashto,Hindi,Chinese,Arabic etc.


5- Europe:

Europe includes several countries like Kingdom of Spain,luxembourg, belgium,france,italy,rome,germany,netherlands,switzerland,united kingdom,greece,poland,austria,sweden,denmark,ireland,ukraine,norway,malta etc.There area unit several languages that area unit spoken in europe. European countries don't have any borders. folks will pass by bus or train. 


6- Oceania:

Australasia, Melanesia, Micronesia, and the archipelago area unit all a part of the Oceanica space. Oceanica contains an expanse of eight,525,989 sq. kilometres and a population of about forty one million folks, spanning the jap and Western Hemispheres. It embody countries like new Zealand,australia,fiji,federated states of micronesia,samoa,papua island,tonga,palau,kiribati,vanuatu,french archipelago,tuvalu,marshall islands,nauru,solomon islands,guam,american samoa,cook islands etc. 


7- Africa:

Africa includes countries South {africa|Republic of South Africa|African country|African nation},nigeria,ghana,kenya,ethiopia,tanzania,morocco,senegal,uganda,mali,somalia,zimbabwe,sudan,algeria,zambia,angola,namibia etc. Arabic,zulu,chewa,seselwa,kirundi,tashwa language,standard algerian berber,portuguese,spanish,vinda,tonga,tswana,tsonga,kalanga language, malagasy,southern sotho,ndebele,swahili,french area unit the languages spoken in Africa.


Every continent is exclusive and has its own countries,landmarks,languages,weather and most significantly culture. There area unit tons of islands additionally gift within the world however not all of the islands area unit documented. Maldives is taken into account because the littlest country within the world however Maldives could be an assortment of small islands that mix to make the tiniest country. I hope you like my article. This was my effort to jot down on this subject if you've got data aside from this comment. This planet is large and there's tons to explore and tons however to find.


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