Setup your online brand with email hosting

As we discussed in previous articles about setting a domain name, it’s your only branding identity. Therefore, your domain should also personalize your email account with a unique name and end with personal domains except for Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo mail.


Email account play a vital role in business success due to formal emails. You cannot ask your customers or clients to reach you out on WhatsApp. Every professional belief in sending emails and using this secure medium.

Using your domain in an email account is no less than branding yourself to customers by giving a personal touch. Whenever they click on those email accounts which are named on your domain, it helps them verify that you are an authentic brand or company.

Therefore, your device has a business email account that is short and logical. Doing this, whenever people saw your email and your offers, they will thoroughly search for your website on the internet. Also, these short and catchy email accounts are easy to remember and use.

It also helps them identify you as an original company, not a promotional spammy content deliverer.


Here are some of the best advantages of having email hosting;

  • Ø  A business becomes a true business in customer view when it personalizes an email account.
  • Ø  A way to differentiate you and the spammers.
  • Ø  Enhancing branding with your own brand name.
  • Ø  Access all leads and support tickets in a single panel in your hosting plan.


Once you have purchased a domain name, utilize this domain with a front query change. For example, you can use [email protected], [email protected], and so on. This is a very easier process where you can set up your email account for cPanel and control your hosting account.


You can further search on YouTube for more video tutorials for your hosting needs.

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