Saying “No” ends ban from productivity!!

We as a human are living the busiest life ever. We have no time to bother with the important and non-important things. We don’t spare time for our family and so forth.


But what if these busy moments steal your best period of life? What if you got jam then continued to move slowly?


Have you ever read about the traffic phrase “Late coming home is acceptable than never coming back home”. This phrase could be somehow applied to the productivity of professional life.


When it comes to accomplishing a variety of tasks, we usually don’t consider all the factors before acceptance. This is why many of us are today suffering from hypertension and depression.


Thus, today we are going to discuss a major barrier between productivity and professionals.

So, let’s start with it;


How yes press down productivity?

Being human we have a social class, a professional class, and a working class. In all these people, we have different types of relationships. Some are bound to accept things for fear and some are bound to accept for love.


Thus, in all these things, we neglect our capacity of approaching tasks. Thus, whenever our boss calls us in the workplace, we say yes without making it clear whether I’m capable to do this or not.


Similar goes with family where we accept certain tasks which are also on the same day where you have a loaded list.


So, on the final day, there is nothing to accomplish except a weird attitude and a lot of depression. This is why many expert and intelligent employees or an organization are left behind and then fired.


Being a CEO, it should be considered to take work longer than making more sales in a week and then resting. Employees should consider the fact that yes is not the way to get higher goals. We have our own calendar of tasks.  Thus, choose accordingly and don’t be pressed for saying Yes.


“No” becomes key to success

In our lives, we have associated certain myths with different words and terms. Like if one is saying No, he or she might be a failure and dumb.


No, that’s not the fact! Actually, they are saying no to prevent themselves from being failures. We have our time schedules and prioritize in life.


Thus, to become successful, you don’t need to spend all of your time juggling with professional life. Say yes to the things you can achieve, otherwise, No will enable you to lock down the depression and get hands-on time management.


The word “No” is a wider term that plays a vital role in our lives. It provides us with a non-limiting opportunity to prioritize and get on the goals.



Therefore, make a difference between the sense of No and Yes and value your productivity. Don’t let yourself be ruined with acceptance. Success would definitely come to you when you are delivering perfection. So be strong and build your morale to deal with things demanding Yes from You.

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