Sania Mirza New video with Shoaib Malik is getting viral

A beautiful sports couple that got tied in marriage in back 2010 is getting viral.

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik have always remained the center of attention due to their perfect match. Both of them are adorable and people love them a lot. Even the last score of Shoaib malik in T20 was getting viral as Sania was there to appreciate and applaud.

This video gets trending and people showed their love by liking and commenting. This couple shows that love goes beyond borders when you are fair and committed to someone.

Their couple become the apple of their fan’s eye when Sania gave birth to a baby boy in 2018. Now they are a beautiful packed family of three.

Recently she uploaded a video in which she is cutely reacting to people's advice and rotating the camera to her husband sleeping.

Sania Mirza entertains fans with hilarious video featuring Shoaib Malik

Despite reacting over any advice, she remained silent and gave a cute look. This video started ruling the internet within a shorter time period. Their fans flourished this video post with the comments giving compliments to their beauty and a perfect couple.


Remember that Sania Mirza was also the ruling queen of Table tennis and won many awards in this sport. She was famous but this fame goes on its peak when she married Pakistani Cricketer Shoaib Malik.

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