Samsung and Facebook is banning services from Russia

The economic conditions in Russia are getting worse due to Warship against Ukraine. When every country left Ukraine alone, the only support they are getting is from private companies.


These companies are taking strong actions to make some pressure over Russia and force them to stop war. Many companies including Samsung Facebook are banning their services in Russia.

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The officials of Samsung said that we are banning the shipment of Samsung smartphones and other electronic products. They are also closing their offices in Russia by considering the safety of their employees.


Also, the officials said that they are monitoring the conditions of warships in Ukraine and would announce their next steps.


However, Samsung based in South Korea might ship products to Russia. Samsung showing bravery said that they are also offering donations to refugees and the people of Ukraine.


While on the other hand, social media usage is also getting challenging in Russia. As the Meta company announced to ban the services in Russia.


The officials said that Russia is getting cruel and we wouldn’t allow any Russian to use our platforms and their ads feature for their purposes.

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Extending this action, Meta has also applied strict rules that Russians living wherever in the world wouldn’t be allowed to use Facebook and their advertisement feature.


Following this decision from Meta, the other companies of Google, Snapchat, and Twitter are also decided to ban their services and ad options from Russians.

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These conditions would create a serious disturbance for the people of Russia. As they would be cut off from their social circle and won’t be able to contact their family or friends in different parts of Russia.


Such a tremendous challenge for Russian officials in the field of technology would not be easier to cater to. It will take them many years to get stable if they will create their own apps and a whole system of connections.


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