History of Sasaram Railway Station and some important things to know

Railway station changed the world

The inauguration of the first railway of the world happened in England in 1825. It is the most convenient and cheap transport. In the world, famous technology railways are also included.


Here today in this article we will discuss the only railway station in the world where hundreds of people come every day from other jobs and then sit on the train.


Secondly, we will discuss the meanings of the numbers written on the train carriages.


Thirdly, some excellent railway services of different countries in the world.

The only railway station in the world where hundreds of people come every day from other jobs than to sit on the train.


As soon as the name of the railway station comes to mind, the sound of a train whistle, a crowd of passengers and the noise of forts comes to mind. Each station provides travel facilities to the passengers as a temporary passage and this is the connection of every human being with it but the importance of the railway station is different for those whose employment is related to it.

 Railway condition of Sasaram in Bihar region of India.

But even if you are not a traveler and your job is not related to it, even if you walk around this station in the morning and evening during the day, people will surely start doubting your mental state but Sasaram in Bihar region of India. There is also a railway station where there are two hours every morning and evening where a large number of people gather who are neither passengers nor do they have to go anywhere.


These people are students who are preparing for some kind of exam and for this, they gather at this station every day. There are not only readers but also teachers.




Special Thing about Sasaram Railway station:

The special thing about this station is that the students here do not have to pay any fee and the teachers do not take any money from anyone but they all have the same goal to benefit each other.


According to history, 18 to 20 years ago, the people of this area of ​​Bihar did not have access to electricity. While Sasaram railway station was the only area in the area where electricity was available 24 hours a day, so students used to gather here to study.


This trend continued to grow until the railway administration lifted the ban on platform tickets for students and started issuing special passes to them - now that electricity is available in every part of Bihar. Despite this, the Sasaram railway station has become a hub for students.


Where everyone comes to study, help each other for competitive exams, sit here and prepare for exams and help themselves to brighten their future.

Honour of Sasaram Railway Station:

Sasaram Railway Station is also honored that many of the students studying here now hold senior positions and many students are holding important positions in banks, high courts and in the police - and graduating. Come to this railway station to guide the students, reminding them of the student of their time in time.

Why are these numbers written in the train carriages? Learn important information that most people do not know


There are many things in this world that we are unaware of and do not know their purpose.


In the same way, you may not even know why the numbers are written in the train carriages.


You may have traveled in a train most of the time and seen that there are some numbers written on the outside of the bogies of the train but we will know today why they are written and what is their purpose.

The first two digits of the numbers written on the train compartments indicate the year in which the train was built.



The first two numbers, for example, are 92, so the train was built in 1992.


Then come to the last three numbers to see what they mean. The last three numbers indicate the class of the train car. For example full AC or half AC etc.



The term "excellent" can refer to a variety of things... 


• Switzerland is unquestionably the best in the "Advanced Networking" section. 


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• I'm going to include Australia in the "Big transport" class, however the trucking connections aren't truly establishing a system. So, now let us see whether Australia and South Africa can knot it up. 


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, etc...




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