Priyanka Chopra Got Divorce!!!!

Social media is becoming the premium source of viral and controversial news. Nowadays, you can get multiple glimpses of viral discussions directly on your wall.


This is why today we are here with another viral discussion of Priyanka Chopra Getting divorced!


It is becoming a trend on Twitter as well as Instagram. People are sharing different posts and memes that they are now separated from. This discussion continued for many days with no replies from the couple.


While on the other hand, the mother of Priyanka Chopra declared the matter that there is no truth justifying their separation. On this reply, this trend somehow slowed but continue.

 Nick Jonas on working with Priyanka Chopra during quarantine period: It's a  family business at this point | PINKVILLA

Their fans are still keeping an eye over every single activity on both accounts as there is no still official announcement for separation.


Remember that this trend started when Priyanka Chopra suddenly removed the name of Nick John from her name. after this act these rumors started to invade the whole internet.


After some days a new post was uploaded from Nick John's official Instagram account. This post was not about any declaration or argument but an exercise video and a caption of Monday motivation.



So let us know if you have any updates about this issue or what are your remarks in the comment section.

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