Why Trees plantation is important

Tree plantation is one of the most important things in the world for oxygen conservation but unfortunately many countries are neglecting it. Tree plantation basically means growing trees for reforestation and for many other purposes mainly for oxygen conservation.


How trees can fulfil oxygen shortage?:


Trees can fulfil shortage of oxygen faced by many countries. Trees release  oxygen gas during the day time by the result of photosynthesis which increases oxygen level in the atmosphere. Trees not only produce gas but also filter the air hence beneficial in diminishing air pollution. Plants take air from their stomata and filter or purify it. Trees also help reduce greenhouse effect by trapping heat. There are alot of projects conducted mainly in India and Pakistan for planting trees due to the shortage of oxygen and increasing heat. 


What would happen if there will be no trees?:


● Foul air quality

Humans can never ever survive without trees because without trees the air quality would be so foul that all species will find difficulty in breathing. As a result of that mass has to develop filter masks which will filter little or no oxygen left in the atmosphere. As we all know trees take carbon dioxide from the environment during photosynthesis to make energy and carbon dioxide is transformed into oxygen and then released into the air during respiration so, if trees reduce from the environment no oxygen will be left in the atmosphere and carbon dioxide will increase. The foul air would be full of pollutants,carbonmonoxy,sulphur dioxide etc.

● Departed soil

Soil plays a major role in our life. If there were no trees it would result in deforestation. If there are no trees it not only affects the atmosphere but also the soil. The soil will develop harmful chemicals and pollutants that are filtered by the plants. Soils erosion and arabilty  is not happening because of trees.

● Persistent drought

Due to lack of trees the water cycle will also disturb which will further result in less or no rain. Trees perform transpiration without trees there would be no transpiration as a result air will become dry with no moisture .

● Fight for water

And the very devastating effect of this will be no freshwater. There is already a debate on this topic in many countries. Water is a non-renewable resource and it is the basis of human survival . It is the responsibility of present and future politicians to make great decisions for the conservation of water.     

● No tree base outcome

Obviously if there are no trees there will be no tree base products . As a result of deforestation there will be no paper,books,baseball bats,benches,wooden furniture,industrial roundwood,fuel wood charcoal,tanning compounds,waxes,toilet paper,candles,pencils,chork,chewing gums,spices,fruits,vegetables,tier,bark,fiber,dyes,latexes,oils,resins,pine oils,billboards,buttons,nuts ,barriers,crunches,coffee filters,guitars,grocery bags,barrels, blocks ,crayons ,candy wrappers,egg cartons,kites,linoleum,medicines,incense  etc. 


Benefits of planting a tree:          


Following are the benefits of planting trees:

● Climate change
● Pure and clean air
● Oxygen conservation through trees
● Cooling effect during hot summer
● Tree also preserve energy
● Trees store water
● No soil erosion
● Less water pollution
● Shield from ultraviolet rays  
● Supply food(fruits and vegetables)
● Trees heal souls(psychologically)
● Reduce violence(psychologically proven)
● Habitat for birds and many organisms
● Increase beauty of environment
● Great source of wood




Tree plantation programs in the world:


Trees are considered as the lungs of this planet, sotheir conservation is also important. Many programs in the world  are being held in the world for this purpose. Some of them are listed below.


● The world economic forum's
● The bon challenge
● Ethiopia's green legacy initiative
● Ecosia
● The nature conservancy
● The world land trust
● One tree planted
● World agroforestry
● Ecosystem restoration camps
● International tree foundation





We can also plant a tree and contribute to this environment and society. It's also important for our own good. Following are steps by which we can plant a tree on our own:

1- Choose the suitable plant according to the weather. All season trees are the best to plant because they don't decay and have longer lives.

2- Make a planting hole.

3- Plant the tree in the whole.

4- Inspect roots when necessary.

5- Water it every day until it is completely established.


Schools should also encourage students to plant trees for the betterment of this planet which is our homeland. Schools should also start tree planting campaigns to raise awareness amongst the children. Parents also play a major role in this activity. Tell your children to love plants and try to bring your children near to nature. Nature is the only thing which can prevent us from a devastating future so we should as responsible humans try to conserve nature.

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