Payment Guarantee Program

The Payment Guarantee Program (PGP) is the program that is offered to beginners who are new to the platform of the In this program, we are giving PKR 5000 per month for writing 3 approved articles on daily basis. It is not the permanent income of the author but it is the start of the database of authors to make it strong. PGP is designed to help people new to this platform so they can have at least something. This program facilitates the writer to make a large library of their content. This is very beneficial for the author to grip on the article writing so that they can get a greater number of views.

Terms and Conditions.

Some conditions are mandatory to understand before availing of this offer. Following are the terms and conditions of PGP:

  • ·      The author must write 3 articles daily.
  • ·      The content must be original.
  • ·      Copy-paste content is not allowed.
  • ·      There will be no repetition in the topics of articles means you don’t write more than one article in the same category.
  • ·      You must add at least 2 to 3 images to your article.
  • ·      Add a featured image in the article to make it presentable.
  • ·      PLAGIARISM is strictly prohibited.
  • ·      Write 3 articles on daily basis without Sundays which means almost 78 articles per month.
  • ·      If one of the articles is repeated, the author gets a warning.
  • ·      After 3 penalties the author’s account should be suspended.
  • ·      Use keyword planners to boost the articles.
  • ·      Choose those keywords which gained more traffic.


Objective Of PGP.

We are not paying authors against these articles, we are pushing them to write minimum 3 proper articles to have a good number of articles in their account in that way your chances to earn something will be higher than an empty account, it's the same like YouTube the more views you will have you will get more money, but YouTube will not pay you anything during your struggling days but does.

So technically It's just to encourage the author to write and build a good library of content. That is why the, conduct the PGP (Payment Guarantee Program) to enhance the ability of authors.

This program initiates the skills of the author so it might be helpful for them to start their carrier on the article. pk. this platform provides the best opportunity to enhance the author's skills and knowledge. You will earn more and more views you will get on your articles, and you will get more views if you will have more articles and you will have more articles if you will spend some dedicated time. Which is why the provides authors with the best offer to make its database strong and full of articles. There is a big difference between an account with no article and an account with a variety of articles. Similarly, the more views the article gets, the more money is gained by the author. The most critical situation the authors face is that they lose hope that we don’t have anything against these articles. The thing is that is not paying the author against these articles, actually it motivates you to strengthen your database, and the author has a variety of articles in his/her account.





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