Importance of Patience in Life

Hi everyone! Hope all of you are fine and healthy…hoping that your life is going good. So I am back with a new and absorptive writing. We all know that life is not a smooth track, it’s a road with so many hurdles, but it’s also a way to reach our destination. Life has many ups and downs with so many horrible jumps. Sometime situations get worst and we couldn’t find any way to come out. We can’t understand what we should do. Sometimes it seems horrible. WELL! Actually it’s not that horrible, we can enjoy that moment by focusing on positive vibes than the negative one. YEAHHH! From meditation also and many other ways to keep yourself relax.


Time as Healer:

You know time is a great healer. Time can heal our wounds without leaving any mark behind it. Now you are must be thinking that some wounds are like the stubborn stain on cloth that leave their marks…Yes you are right but with time you’ll also get a lots of love and affection.

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With each passing day, our worries ends and flew in the sky like a helium balloon, do you know why I said helium balloon because when we hold it tightly and not release it, you can never get rid from it and can’t see that it looks too pretty in sky. Our worries are like balloons when we hold them strongly and not try to find out way but get depressed and get more negative vibes, we don’t leave them to ALLAH and TIME and worries never ends. When you move along with time it heals your pain, when you start resisting your pain nothing will heal. Sometimes it happens that your heart needs more time to accept the reality what your mind already knows. Time heals almost everything but you have to give time to time. Time and acceptance both have important roles in our lives because these both are the factors by which pain can heal.

In our life, time plays a vital role. Without giving time to our choices we can’t think we can heal our wounds. Time heals all the wounds. When you are facing any problem, stay silent, and leave it on time. Then you’ll see the cycle of nature.

Be patient:

Firstly try by yourself to solve it and when you don’t find any way to get rid from it…then LEAVE IT TO THE ALLAH, HE will solve it in the ever best way. Be patient things will never come easy and on their way in one day, IT TAKES TIME TO GET BETTER. Things would get better by passing a day, every day you’ll feel a new change that can make you cheerful every day. Be calm be jovial….TROUBLES DON’T LAST FOREVER THEY’LL END ONE DAY…believe me they will end I promise you, so wait for the best time because each distress has a very big and great happiness  behind it and you know…PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE.  ALLAH is also with the patient people.

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When you lose the patience, you will lose the battle because you will lose your winning situation. Time and patience are the two most powerful factors on which you’ll win. Maybe, your one moment in which you have patience may ward off the ever great disaster and as well your one moment of impatience can ruin your whole life. I suggest you that you’ll have to be patient with yourself then with the things. I assure you that learning patience can be very difficult for you once but when you conquered this challenge, you will find life easier than before. Patience and time do more than power, strength, confidence and passion in our lives. However, all these have their own importance but time and patience are the two most basic pillars of this building


Lots of love to you all and yes! REMEMBER your best time will come for sure to give a big smile on your face…so just wait and watch for cheerful time. The timing is not always right for you, but eventually destiny steps in, all you need you have to be patient. Don’t rush everything. When your time is right, it’ll happen to you. Imaan is of two halves; half is patience and half is being thankful. Stay patient and just trust your journey you’ll reach your destination. I’ll tell you the secret of life, destiny is the planner, time is the organizer, you are the executor, your efforts are input, ups and down are the patience test, and when you have patience then comes success that is the final product. Patience is bitter and challenging but you know it’s fruit is sweetest. Patience is the ability to count down before you blast off.


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