Pakistan Vs Australia | Who will win

Today is the biggest day for Pakistanis as Semi-Final is about to start at 7 PM. All of us are eager to watch who will win and also pray.

Every channel is rushing with the news of this biggest match as the Pakistan team has remained undefeated in all his 5 matches. On the other hand, Australia is defeated by England but still the strongest team in the world to compete with.

Many people are showing their predictions for both of these teams. Even the English cricket expert who predicted for New Zealand win against England, now predicted that Pakistan will win against Australia.

He said that Pakistan has an improved batting line as well as bowling. Their current impression in T20 is enough to defeat Australia.

After this prediction people are expecting much from their team. Even the countries which were greater enemies to each other are praying for Pakistan to win.

On the other hand, it is reported that PM Imran khan might visit Dubai in the final if Pakistan defeats Australia, High hopes and prayers are in the air. The crowd is planning to be a cricket hunter tonight.

People are installing big screens in their areas to arrange the match-watching experience for all. Also, the Babar and company are practicing their best.

A sadden and threatening news for Pakistanis is that Malik and Rizwan are facing flu and fever. There are chances that both of them may not be able to play in this Semi-Final. PCB declares that these players are facing flue are light fever, therefore they missed the practice session.

T20 World Cup: Big blow for Pakistan as Rizwan, Malik caught flu ahead of semi-final

Now if they have to participate in the semifinal, they must be passing a physical fitness test and then continue. Also, they showed their team planning if these two players miss the match. Sarfraz and Haider Ali would be playing in their places.

Though this news has disheartened many people and they are now threatened for the match. But we are still expecting the best performance as Sarfaraz has shown greater performance in many matches. Haider Ali is also a young talented cricketer whom the world has not faced yet.

There are also possible chances that Rizwan and Shoaib Malik would be sooner fit and join the match to burn the lightning sparkle. Somehow high prayers are in the air, people are eagerly waiting for the match to be started. Let’s see what is going to happen tonight!

Also, let us know what you think about today’s match and keep connected with us.

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