Pakistan cricket has collapsed', Ramiz Raja criticise PCB after World Cup exit



Former Pakistan captain Ramiz Raja has delivered a scathing critique of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), asserting that the state of the country's cricket has collapsed. This stern assessment follows Pakistan's exit from the World Cup 2023, marked by a defeat against England and a failure to advance to the semi-finals.

Crucial World Cup Exit:

The Green Shirts' World Cup journey concluded with a disappointing loss to England, where they fell short in restricting the opponent to a low total. Failing to meet the required run rate against New Zealand, Pakistan's hopes for the semi-finals were dashed.

Bowlers' Performance Critique:

Raja, speaking on his YouTube channel, expressed dissatisfaction with the bowlers' performance, particularly in the crucial early overs. He questioned how captain Babar Azam could effectively lead when wickets weren't taken with the new ball, and bowlers became expensive.

PCB's Leadership Criticism:

The former PCB chairman criticized the PCB's approach, suggesting that the board's reliance on changing captains and coaching staff without addressing fundamental issues was not a solution. He questioned the board's decision-making process, highlighting the lack of constructive steps.

Issues with Selection and Leaked News:

Raja called for an end to the practice of leaking news and making statements during significant events. He heavily criticized the newly-appointed interim chief selector, Tauseef Ahmed, citing negative comments about players Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan.

Passion for the Game:

Raja emphasized the need for passion within the cricketing community, stating that no improvement could occur without genuine love for the game. He criticized the appointment of a 70-year-old chief selector, questioning the individual's suitability for a role that demands a deep understanding of selection dynamics.

Collapse of Pakistan Cricket:

In a damning declaration, Raja stated that Pakistan cricket has collapsed. He pointed out issues in local club cricket, where grounds are often given for tennis-ball cricket, prioritizing financial gains over the development of players.

Call for Systemic Change:

Raja concluded by urging a comprehensive overhaul of the existing system, asserting that both the cricketing culture and the PCB itself need substantial changes to revive Pakistan's cricketing fortunes.


Ramiz Raja's critique highlights deep-rooted issues in Pakistan cricket, extending beyond the team's World Cup performance. As the cricketing community reflects on this assessment, the call for systemic changes within the PCB gains significance for the future of Pakistan's cricket.Ramiz Raja

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