Advantages and Disadvantages of Online shopping

                 ONLINE SHOPPING


People's lifestyles have changed in recent years. Going to crowded markets makes people feel uncomfortable and time consuming. As a result, E-Shopping is a blessing because it saves a great deal of time. Consumers purchase stuff, services, and other items directly from sellers through the Online and all without an intermediate step organization. Shoppers can access web retailers from the comfort of their own homes and shop just like they would if they were sitting in front of a computer. Online stores are typically open 24 hours a day, and many consumers have connections to the web at both work and home. As a result, comparison shopping is amazingly easy for them. One of the most appealing aspects of online shopping, particularly during the Christmas season, is that it is convenient.


Factors lowering the sale:


Poor Quality:

 No one wants to buy a poor quality product. People are so sharp minded these days they know how to check the quality of a product by reading reviews. And they also make sure that you have authentic products. 


More Delivery Time:

Some people order things in a hurry just before their function so they prefer online selling portals to deliver their products fast. But if this gets delayed people stop shopping from those portals. 


Bad reviews of buyers:

Reviews are the only reliable source for buyer to know about the quality of products. If the portal has bad reviews from customers then no one will buy the product. 


No return policy:

People consider online shopping as a risk so they need validity. So they demand a return policy. Online shopping portals having no return policy face difficulties. 


No easy access:

People want online shopping portals to have easy access management for the customers. Online shopping websites with a lot of mess going on are considered less easy to access than others.


To much Expensive rates:

If the rates are more expensive on your portal than others then that is problematic because people survey all websites before buying a product hence rates should be minimum. 

Bad shipping policies:

Some products are really fragile that they broke during shipping due to poor packaging which is a big NO for any customer. 

Factors increasing the sale:


Good quality:

Quality products increase the sale. If the product quality is good, customers will approach you again and again. Good quality determines good sale. 

Quick delivery:

Late deliveries are not acceptable in any situation, so the quick delivery of products matters a lot.

Good online reviews:

Reviews are the makers and breakers of your reputation. Reviews tend to encourage customers to buy any product, so good reviews help in selling products.

Easy access to the product:

While buying or choosing products on websites people want to access their products easily. So websites which are easy to use attract more customers.

Discount offers:

During discount offers people buy more products. So, online businesses selling products on discount attract more people. Lesser the price more the sale.


Moderate price rate:

Moderate and Reasonable prices also increase the sale of the product. No one buys products at much more price when they can get it for less price from another portal.

More variety:

People love choosing products from the online stores having more options. Every person has a different choice so, when they have more options it is easy for them to choose their desired product from a huge collection.

Good packaging while shipping:

Good solid packaging of a product while shipping prevents the products from damaging, especially fragile things. This builds your trust on customers and hence they buy more products.


Benefits of online shopping:

  • Online shoppings saves a lot of your time.

  • It is a convenient way of shopping sitting at home.

  • Best for working people who hardly get the time to shop or do groceries.

  • Online shopping also introduces you to new trends following in the world.


Drawbacks of online shopping:

  • Online shopping is also a bit risky to do because seeing something online vs in real life is a much different experience.

  • While shipping there is a risk of breaking or damage to the product specially the fragile ones.

  • Some online stores are also selling fake products mentioning it as real which is a bit rushed.

  • Prices of products online are fixed which means no bargaining like normal stores.

  • With online shopping there is a risk of buying the wrong sizes of clothes and shoes and the wrong shade of makeup products.


How to shop online?:

You can shop online by making it sure that the online store you are shopping from is original. Secondly, read the reviews of the products because reviews matter a lot. If the product has bad reviews, don't buy it. Make sure you read the size chart or measurements properly. 


Following are the  ways you can shop online from:

  • Instagram shopping pages

  • Online shopping websites 

  • Online shopping apps 


Hope you liked this article. This will surely make your shopping and selling experience better. 

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