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Online Gaming In Pandemic:



In Pandemic we have faced a lot of problems in which interacting physically is the biggest issue. So sitting at one place throughout the pandemic has a huge effect on humans' life. Some of them have used their time studying online, some have found an online job, some have started their career as online teachers but many of them have come into the world of online gaming.

As we know that the majority of people have joined the online gaming community which means they have made online gaming a part of their life because playing all the time in pandemics has made them addicted to gaming. 

In pandemic playing games has increased for 71% of respondents. Many reasons are found that games affected players such as the opportunity to socialize, and a variety of benefits related to mental health.


Online Survey:

My companions and I one day conducted an online survey in which we were asking a few questions related to online gaming and online gaming in COVID 19 and its impact on human beings. The first question was “What sort of games do they play, and how has COVID 19 influenced them??” and the second question was “how playing video games has affected the well-being during COVID break?”. The third question was “what changes have they found before COVID and after the COVID situation?”.

The survey URL was distributed through my friend on social networks including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and also posted to gaming-related groups.

The purpose of the survey was to explore how people spend their time in COVID while playing online games and also how much the players are affected due to this”. The questionnaire ran for almost 7 days and after 7 days was finished and we were trying to compile the result.


Almost 781 respondents completed the survey. All respondents were aged from 16 to 65+. 32% were females and 61% were males and the remaining were transgenders.

46% were students, 53% were employed and 11% were unemployed.


The first question was  “what type of games do they play and what kind of impact is COVID 19 having on them” the majority of the people have answered the first question by saying that they play PUBG and Fortnite in this COVID lockdown. And they find the whole day free and stuck in one place in one room; they don't find any other option in this situation. That's why they consume their time by playing PUBG with strangers and that's the popular way of socializing in this COVID situation.

According to the second question “how playing video games has affected the well-being during COVID break?”. So the answer to this question given by the majority of the people was that “video games have a huge impact on students, teenagers, and young people. The first issue is that they play too much, forgetting their breakfast, lunch, and dinner time. They give less time to themselves and more time to the games which affects their health and eyes.


The third question was “what changes have they found before COVID and after the COVID situation?”. Before COVID everyone was busy with their works some were busy in the office, some at school, some at hotels, everyone was busy with their work that's why the rest time was mostly in the evening and in that time they played the games for 1 to 2 hours because everyone was exhausted physically but know a day in COVID lockdown every person is exhausted mentally because they are just sleeping eating and playing games. Some of the people play games from 12 to 16 hours a day that is too hazardous to physical as well as mental health.


Result and discussion:

During the COVID-19 epidemic, 71.3 percent of respondents said their time spent playing video games had changed, and 63.1 percent said the sorts of games they played had changed. Gaming behaviors before and after the COVID-19 outbreak, revealing a significant trend toward higher play frequency.


So the whole article concludes that COVID has affected every individual's life. Some have taken advantage of COVID lockdown but some have a dangerous impact on their life, health, and family. Many of the youngsters, students, teenagers are affected through excessive online game routines and many have drastic effects on their business.

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