How to earn money  on Youtube: Step by Step Instructions!!



 Earning Money from Youtube: Step-by-Step Instructions!!

  • Would you like to create your own YouTube channel, or do you already have one and are unsure how to proceed?





YouTube is a very unique platform since it allows artists from all over the globe to not only share their skills and concepts with the public but also to make a career off of it.

Would you like to create your own YouTube channel, or do you already have one and are unsure how to proceed?

You may turn your pastime into a stable career. Let's find out together how much money prominent YouTube channels earn from their videos and work. If you're serious about making YouTube your main source of income, where should you start and what are the stages to success, don't worry, we've got you covered.




The very first step is to create your own YouTube channel if you haven't already done so. The beauty of YouTube seems to be that your channel may be about practically anything.

  • You can draw cartoons that are both short and significant. The possibilities are infinite whether you want to sing or express your way of life.

  • You may use your YouTube account in the same way you use your Google account, or you can establish a new one.

  • It's best to select your username carefully since the more difficult it is, the less likely you are to become famous. It should be simple and memorable so that people don't say things like "I watched a fantastic video on that channel gosh."

  • If your existing user name isn't working for you, don't worry, simply change it on your Google+ account and you're ready to go. The more people that find your channel, the better, so don't forget to include keywords related to your content.

  • The Advanced tab of your channel's configuration Now that you have a YouTube channel, it's time to start creating material and uploading it. You'll need to come up with your own subjects and develop your own style.

  • Make absolutely sure your videos aren't too long and that your viewers aren't bored; you want them to be enthralled by every second of it. Of course, nothing occurs overnight, and your films and their quality will improve with time; just look at a few of the early videos by successful YouTubers.

  • Now, try to improve your content by purchasing a better camera, using better editing software, and so on. The most important thing, however, is to post videos on a regular basis. If you only post videos once or twice a month, your audience will quickly forget about your channel if the content isn't unique, so try to post at least one video per week. 

  • The next week to see what your new video will be, and don't forget to include tags and keywords to ensure that everyone who is interested in the topic can find your films. This is where it all starts, you can monetize your content and make money from your videos.

  • YouTube will place ads in your video but remember that to make it all work and make real money, you'll need a consistent audience who will watch your videos. Don't be afraid to share your videos on social media and interact with your viewers; the more personal you are, the more likely your audience will find you and stay with you.



There's one more easy requirement: you'll need at least 4000 hours of viewing time and 1000 subscribers to begin making money. If required, you can also monetize your older movies by accessing the video manager and clicking the dollar symbol next to them. Don't forget to set up. If you're under the age of 18, ask your parents to help you with Google Adsense so you can earn your money. Adsense will require a PayPal account or a legitimate address in order to determine who you are and to whom the money should be sent.



The most crucial thing for any YouTuber or blogger is analytics, which is essentially your feedback along with comments to assist you to figure out which themes are more popular with your audience and vice versa. Every YouTuber checks it on a regular basis, so pay attention to those numbers if you're still growing your audience. They can tell you a lot about your viewers and subscribers, as well as give you suggestions on how to fix it. If one of your videos goes viral, there's also a way to profit from it. In simple terms, you can license your content in exchange for payment now TV news.

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