Miracles and proofs of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W)

Miracles and proofs of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W)


Miracle definition:

The miracle is an Arabic word. Its addition maybe a miracle. The meaning of this word may be a strange factor. 


Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Idrees European Kandhalvi (1899-1974) writes: Let or not it's clear to the disbelievers and also the opponents that this person is that the chosen one in all God, whose God has shown this miracle of power from the unseen to defeat his enemy, and let or not it's discovered to the those that the support of the unseen is behind him. No magician or priest will oppose it. Therefore, if one wants recommendation and welfare, then it is obtained only by basic cognitive processes within the chosen being and following him. What are the results of denying and opposing him as his calif, vicegerent, ambassador, and trustee aside from mischief and destruction?


Types of miracles:

Muhammad, the traveler of God, was sent as a prophet and traveler to the complete world till the Day of Resurrection. Therefore, the Almighty has given you miracles, proofs, and proofs from everywhere the globe. So everything within the world is proof of his prophethood. 


The miracles and proofs of the Prophet (peace be upon him) are of 2 kinds: 


  • One rational and also the different sensory. Matters that are perceived by the senses are usually wanted by people that don't have the manners to grasp rational principles or are stubborn  "


Following these opening statements, some of the Holy Prophet's miracles, arguments, and evidence are provided. 

Muhammad's (S.A.W) Greatest Miracle:


His greatest miracle is The Holy Qur'an. The Arabs' boastful speech was addressed in the Holy Qur'an. If they deny Allah Almighty's revelation of the Holy Qur'an and claim that it is Muhammad's speech, then they should provide a surah similar to one of its suras.


Translation: “And if you have the slightest doubt about what We have revealed to Our servant (Muhammad), then produce a surah like it, and if it is true, then other than Allah. Call all your helpers. " (Al-Baqarah: 23)

  • Allah's "Divine Word."

The clever and outspoken non-believers and worshipers of Arabia, on the other hand, had been unable to speak up against it and would not be able to do so until the Day of Resurrection. Many of them had to believe that Muhammad is Allah's authentic messenger and that everything he offers in the form of revelation is Allah's "Divine Word."

Holy Prophet (saws) reported various sensory miracles

In addition to the Holy Qur'an, the Holy Prophet (saws) reported various sensory miracles, facts, and proofs to the Holy Prophet (saws), such as water bursting from his fingers. A vast army can survive on a small amount of food. The moon's splintering. To recite the Tasbih of stones in the Holy Prophet's blessed hand. Greetings from the rocks and trees. Let it be known to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) that roasted flesh is toxic. Here are a few sensory marvels.

  • The moon's splintering


On a moonlit night, the disbelievers of Makkah asked the Holy Prophet to perform a miracle. Then Allah Almighty performed this open miracle that the moon split in two. One part went to the east of the mountain and the other went to the west. Then he said, "Look at this." But he did not admit it and said that it was magic. (Surat al-Qamar: 1)

  • To recite the Tasbih of stones in the Holy Prophet's blessed hand

Abu Jahl was always on the lookout for a means to harm the Holy Prophet. He once witnessed the Prophet prostrating himself. He took advantage of the situation by picking up a heavy stone and preparing to assault him. God placed the stone in his hand in such a manner that he was unable to throw it and therefore failed to achieve his goal. (Biography of Ibn Hisham 1 / 298-299)

  • Prophet (peace be upon him) cursed 'Utaybah ibn Abu Lahab once

"O Allah, accomplish your task with a wild beast," the Prophet (peace be upon him) cursed 'Utaybah ibn Abu Lahab once. Allah heard his request, and a lion attacked and killed him in Zarqa, Syria. (Evidence of Prophethood: 2/339)

  •  Dar al-Nadwa incident:

The Quraysh chiefs intended to murder the Holy Prophet at Dar al-Nadwa. The slaves of the Quraysh besieged his house and awaited his assassination at the designated moment. He grabbed a handful of muck and threw it in front of them. He smeared the dust on their heads and recited Surah Yaseen


About Hazrat Hasan, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said:


"This son of mine is the chief. May Allah bring peace between the two groups of Muslims through him." This prophecy came true when Hassan made peace with Mu'awiyah. (Bukhari: 3629)

  • Miracle of burning saliva:

Hazrat Ali was suffering from conjunctivitis during the Battle of Khyber. The Prophet (peace be upon him) prayed for them while putting scorching saliva in their eyes. Then he improved. There appeared to be no anguish in his eyes. (Bukhari: 4210)

  • Miracle with Hazrat Qatadah bin Nu'man eye

Hazrat Qatadah bin Nu'man eye came out of the eye socket. Then the Holy Prophet put his eye back in the eye of the beholder. That eye became better than the other eye. (Biography of Ibn Ishaq: 1/328)


Several miracles:


Following this presentation of the Holy Prophet's (saws) miracles, it is reasonable to infer that some academics have attempted to count his miracles and arguments.


 Allama Ibn Hajar Asqalani (1372-1488) says:


 “Imam Nawawi has mentioned in Muqaddam Sharh Muslim that the miracles of the Prophet are more than twelve hundred. A thousand miracles appeared on the blessed hand of God. Some scholars say that there are about three thousand miracles. " (Fath al-Bari 6 / 582-583) 

The Honorable Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) did, in reality, accomplish numerous marvels. Because the Prophet's every statement and action are wonderful and exceptional. A non-prophet will never be able to do this.


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