Memory loss and possible practices to improve your memory

Memory loss is a common term that we use in our daily conversations. But it could not be as simple as we all think. Because memory loss which is called amnesia in medical is a disease while the casual memory shortage is another thing.


A person who suffers from amnesia can start forgetting his thoughts. One may also face disturbance in remembrance and making new memories. It becomes pathetic and challenging for sufferers as well as their siblings.


Usually, we associate amnesia with casual memory shortage. Casual memory shortage could be either by age growth or lack of attention. For instance, a senior citizen of age 70 may start forgetting the day's name, date, or words while communicating.


This could also happen with people who usually ignore the focus and try to be multi-taskers. But if these things and some other symptoms like confusions in communicating, losing in imagination and other happens, thoroughly consult your doctor. It could be dangerous and cause permanent memory loss.


However, this issue could be eliminated or reduced to a very extent by following some common practices;

  1. Start using a planner. Get everything planned and schedules with different reminders in your mobile phone. Nowadays, there are multiple planners available that are easy to set up.

  2. Start eating a proper and balanced diet especially dry fruits which boosts your memory and helps it be quicken and sharpened.

  3. Avoid being stressed and depressed as these could also cause memory shortage. Start making your life social to stay happier and more active.

  4. Healthy sleep is a crucial factor in improving cognitive abilities including memory. Thus, keep an eye on your sleeping routine and get quality sleep.

  5. Start exercising especially morning walk in the fresh breeze. Find out some park area nearer to you. Walking in a fresher and clean natural environment would boost your mind and give you good vibes.

  6. Taking special foods like vitamin-D-rich foods and cocoa can improve your memory and give you a backup to remember everything.

  7. There are also some practices that can call your memory back like meditation and focus. Usually, experts call it opening the third eye. One can reach unapproachable levels of knowledge and cognitive abilities through focus and meditation.

  8. Visualize your memories and the information you want to remember. This is the best practice to boost the memory and recall anything if you forget. Just start practicing this thing and you will find yourself more productive.

  9. Mnemonics is the best tool to keep your memory sharp and gather large information aligned in your mind.

  10. Start paying attention to leave the bad habit of being a music addict. Stick yourself to the tasks first and once it completed, go on to other.

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