Man's true value is his masterpiece

Man's true value is his masterpiece:

Hazrat Ali (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) was endowed by Allah Almighty with exceptionally many Wahhabi abilities. One of them is his eloquence. He was the Imam of Khatib and Insha-e-Pradaz, and there is no one more eloquent than you. The fountains of wisdom flowed from his tongue. He had the power to write whatever he wanted and how he wanted, he was the owner of a lively and fresh pen.


There are many wise sayings attributed to you which have become proverbs, and it is difficult to find a precedent in other languages ​​as well. Explain that these are the highest examples of sound thinking, observation, meticulousness, deep study of life, and human nature, the essence of deep and long experiences, in-depth study of human psychology, familiarity with the mysteries of life, and Are the result of knowing the true pulse of nations.



One of the famous sayings of these golden and wise sayings is that the value of a person is determined by his special skill. A man knows many things, he knows many skills, he knows many sciences, but the art in which perfection will be, the field in which it will be, the knowledge in which it will be mastered, and the extent to which it will be, Hazrat Ali has rightly said that every human being is valued for the work he does in comparison to others and for his other deeds. Performs better in competition.



Perfection, specialty, and distinction compel others to bow down and respect, perfection in whatever art, in whatever knowledge, in whatever field,  whatever the field of life, if people talk about it. Let him know that so-and-so has excellence and distinction in so-and-so's art, and if he does it in the best way, in the best way, he appreciates it, respects it, Walk-behind, boast,s and flatter.



If a person is proficient and skilled in the art and comes to hear or see that he is living in a corner of obscurity, in which he is living, living a life of hardship, it has no value, no importance, then It just means that there is something wrong with him that prevents him from taking advantage of his accomplishments, such as laziness, sluggishness, hard work, not bound by time and discipline, in the mood. There is a craze, there is immorality, assuming that there is some flaw or deficiency in it which prevents one from benefiting from its perfection. The more perfect and skilled a person is, the more important he is, the more valuable he is.


Imam Husain was the epitome of perfection in every way:

In Karbala, and so throughout his blessed life, Imam Husain is incontestible however, within the face of unimaginable adversity, the ‘perfect man’ rises to the occasion. whether or not it had been on the field, on the rug, or the stump, Imam Husain exemplified perfection in each sense of the word, battling the harshest of conditions with courageousness, valiancy, and knowledge.

On the field, he was relentless, a lot of the facsimile of his father Hazrat Ali, Asadollah al-Ghalib (the capture lion of Allah). however, along with his family, particularly along with his kids, Imam Husain was a young, caring man World Health Organization had a special bond along with his young girl Bibi Sukaina. These sides of his temperament illustrate that whereas the ‘perfect man’ meets the challenges of the day with nice courageousness, in his personal life he's an individual of heat and compassion.

Hadith literature is filled with praise for Imam Husain, with the Holy Prophet oral communication “Husain is from American state and that I am from Husain”. students have explained this hadith by oral communication that it's clear that Imam Husain is from the Prophet being the younger son of his girl Bibi Muhammedan Zehra. however, the fact that the Prophet is ‘from’ Imam Husain is alleged to mean that had the Imam not taken his brave stand at Kerbala, the faith of the Prophet might have sweet-faced grave danger.

Regarding his steadfastness and bravado, the acclaimed traditionalist Shaikh Abbas Qummi writes in Nafasal Mahmum one in each of the authentic accounts of the event of Kerbala that a witness to the battle says: “By Allah! I even have seen none like him [Imam Husain], World Health Organization having lost his sons, relatives, and pricey friends, and despite this, his heart remains powerful and serene, and feet firm upon the bottom.”


At another place, the Holy Prophet is quoted as oral communication that Husain “will inherit my generosity and valor” whereas another tradition terms the Imam “the lamp of steerage, the ark of salvation”. satisfy it to mention, unnumerable such examples from the sacred writing and hadith testify to the perfection of the Imam’s character.

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