Man buried Alive brutally!! Is it Islam??

We as humans becoming crueler and getting animal behavior by every coming day. The more we are educating the more we are becoming senseless.

Yes, I’m saying it because the incident that took place in Sialkot, Pakistan is symbolizing the dark face of humanity. Though the people who committed this cruel act to claim it to be a matter of religious bullying but who knows the truth?

So, starting from the beginning let me explain to you about the whole incident. A Siri Lankan citizen was appointed as production manager in the sports garments manufacturing company, Sialkot.

He was working here with his whole family and serving the factory for years. He was an honest and hard-working man in his profession. On a normal working day in his life, he was on a visit to the production area.  

In Pakistan, people are mostly religiously connected with many parties. They use their stickers or posters on the wall. But the manager was not aware of this thing. He unknowingly removes the sticker of TLP (Tehreek Labaik Pakistan) on which the motto of (Labaik Ya Rasullullah) was written.

Sri Lankan man burnt alive in Pakistan over blasphemy

After doing this, a young worker came there and started bullying him that how the hell you removed it. He said the wall was covered that’s why I removed it. Now the discussion goes on and the whole factory workers gathered there.

Though the manager was Hindu by religion, they considered that he does it knowingly and to hurt their feelings. Thus, within a few minutes, the whole crowd attacked the manager and start beating him brutally.

No one was there to stop them and listen to the matter at cold ground level. All the workers were uneducated and started beating him with rods and hard items. Within no time the manager fell on the ground with near-to-die conditions.

Even then their anger didn’t reduce and bring him out by pulling her legs. Then through some clothes over him and burned him alive with fire.

The police arrived there after a few minutes when it was crowded and everyone was repeating their local religious party motto. The police officers were less in number to control the crowd and until then he died and burned badly.

The mean of discussion here is that is it taught by Islam? Are they claiming to be true Muslims and protecting the honor of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)? No, it is not written in Quran or Hadith to kill anyone even if they are not accepting your religion or bullying you.

Because we all know that in the preaching period of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), An old lady threw garbage on him daily. But even after this behavior none of Suhabbas attacked or killed that lady. There are many events in the history of Islam where people knowingly used rough words or even bully. But never prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) killed them neither their companions.

Cruelty is not the subject of Islam. Our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) taught us to be kind to everyone even if someone bully us. He taught us to be kind in all matters even when we are righteous.  Islam is the religion of peace not cruelty, but the local Allamah is teaching dumb people the wrong Islam.

They are the main cause behind wrong acts of people. They are religiously targeted by the knowledge given by their local Allamah. People living in side areas are not educated to investigate the truth. They are dumb in taking their decisions.

This is why the elections, Protests, and attacks in Pakistan are mostly committed in the name of Islam and religion. The local Islamic teachers provoke the cruelty by narrating self-created incidents of Islam and companions.

So, it’s time to change this wrong direction of people. Let’s raise our voice against these local religious parties.  Let’s stop following the blind path in the name of religion. Why shall we sacrifice our lives for these Ullamas? Why were they never killed and the innocent protestors killed?


Stop in the name of Allah! We are Muslims the claimers of peace, not terrorism. So be gentle and don’t follow anyone or do anything until you know the real truth. Discuss the things on ground level, hear out to everyone and then take action whatever is suitable.

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