Malicious Reporting in Intelligent Internet of Things: A Blockchain paradigm

While development of smart cities cause increase in computation and communication in Intelligent Internet of Things. The diverse nature of data impose also great challenges to the data collection process. 

Since many data reporters reports fake data, even the malicious data on chain. With the use of blockchain we have assured the accuracy of data flow and the security of data is also assured using the blockchain. While using the blockchain gives us some many advantages, but still it won't detect the malicious data on the chain. So, it has nothing to do with the accuracy of data.

Many people solve this problem using filtration mechanism. Once the data is reported to the chain by using different Machine Learning algorithms, they filter out the malicious or the fake data, but this is not still enough and calls for a major advancement in the field.

The need of the time is to introduce the deterrence mechanism. Stop the crime before it's done. As it is very critical situation and a single malicious reporter can manipulate the results in many ways. So we also need to introduce a penalty mechanism to reporters have the bad intentions.

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