“Makeup” as a Career


“Makeup” as a career

Career options for makeup artists:

  •  Makeup artist for brides:

  • Makeup artists in salons:

  • Makeup blogging:

  • Youtube makeup artists: 

  • Teaching makeup:

Diversity of this Career:

How to become a makeup artist ???

  • Training:

  • Experience:

  • Portfolio:

  • Finding a Job:

“Makeup” as a career


Makeup is the size anyone can wear. Makeup makes you feel confident and fresh. One can also earn by doing makeup. Yess! that's true. If you want to become a makeup artist it is important for you to look for the amount you want to earn. At the end of the day, salary is the first priority in anyone's life. Fortunately, makeup artists earn a fair share of money for themselves. 


There are a lot of reasons due to which women wear makeup. Some want a camouflage look just to hide their insecurities under those layers of makeup and some want to look attractive and noticeable. Hence, makeup is very important in every woman’s life.


Career options for makeup artists:


 Makeup artist for brides:


In subcontinent India and Pakistan, brides get ready extravagantly. There is a massive makeup industry for brides in these countries. Marriage is an occasion that comes only once in life so brides in these countries try their best to create exceptional makeup looks. This allows makeup artists to explore different cultures and also earn a fair share of the money. 

Makeup artists in salons:

You can also become a makeup artist in salons. In this way, you can work with a lot of clients and earn a good amount of money. In salons, you can also work with cosmetologists and beauty professionals which will help you improve your skills and also stay updated.


Makeup blogging:

If you have writing skills you can also write blogs about makeup. This will unfold your two talents. Blogging is the modern way of earning money more suitable for girls, housewives or people who want to work from home. But this involves a lot of hard work and dedication because it takes time to create its place in the blogging world. You can influence people to wear makeup to feel confident and to hide their insecurities.


Youtube makeup artists: 


Youtube is a platform that provides jobs for many people. There is a massive makeup community on youtube. There are many self-taught and certified makeup artists on YouTube who earn money by teaching makeup techniques in their tutorials. They become celebrities and are treated like celebrities. Many companies sponsor them to sell their products in this way they earn money. Following are the people who contributed in past years in making YouTube makeup community in this way they All have also succeeded in establishing their own careers:


1-Nikkie tutorials

2-James Charles

3-Patrick star

4-Jeffree star

5-Manny MUA

6-Jaclyn hill


All these people influenced many others to face their fears and establish themselves as successful makeup artists.


Teaching makeup:


Many makeup artists earn by teaching makeup skills to others by organizing different workshops in different cities. Students pay a fair amount of money to these people which help them run their basic needs.


Diversity of this Career:

There is a thought that makeup artists are only associated with the star and movie business but it’s not always true. A makeup artist is free to choose whatever he/she wants to do. As a freelancer, makeup artists are independent to choose appointments and the schedules are of their own choice.


They can also work as cosmetology operators. They help others to groom themselves by advising about skincare, haircare, nail care, etc. Makeup artists can further establish their business by becoming aesthetician by introducing new products to the market. Manny MUA and makeup influencers are earning millions from their makeup brands including the following:

1- Huda Kattan

2-Jaclyn hill

3-Jeffree star

4-Nyane lebajoa

5-Manny MUA

6-Tati Westbrook


How to become a makeup artist ???

Following are the steps by which you can become a makeup artist:





4-Finding a job




The first step is knowing the skill and certification. Makeup trends vary in different places; it depends on a cultural basis. Eastern makeup trends are completely different from western. Eastern brides wear heavy dresses and makeup for their big day while in the west people like carrying a simple look so, one learning makeup should also be learning about makeup trends in different states and countries.




After training one should also do jobs to gain experience and master their skills.

Following are the things which a person can do to gain experience:


1-Working in a salon

2-Working in makeup stores

3-Volunteering makeup gurus

4-Working as a freelance makeup artist


It will help you in knowing how this industry works and also you can build connections with the people for more future opportunities.



Making a portfolio is very important because without that no one will know you and your skill. During experiencing different jobs you can take pictures of clients showing before and after which you can add to your portfolio.


Finding a job :


After making a portfolio you can start applying for jobs in different salons or in different tv channels as a makeup artist depending on your own choice many people also work as freelance makeup artists and makeup bloggers.

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