Looking for free web hosting, here is how to start?

Having a website nowadays is not just a flat term to consider. It demands some technical knowledge due to some terms involved in it. Like hosting, website and content are three components to appear your website online.

But all these components are somehow complex to grab in one sitting. Thus, if you are looking to start your website with the free web hosting plan, here is how;


Having the vision to build a website;

The first and foremost thing is having a vision in mind before developing a website. No one can randomly decide to build a website and then going to buy a hosting service. Therefore, make a thorough mind sketch of what are your needs regarding a website.

Some common purposes of having a website could be either a personal blog or a website that can showcase your services or product. So, make sure you have a vision of your website before entering the online market.


Drawdown your needs;

The needs of a website could vary from person to person. Not all startups have the same idea and neither all businesses have the same scenario of operating.

therefore draw down your needs, for example, you want a website where you can upload files and images in bulk. Or you want to just start your blogging career.

similarly, if you want some payment integrations then you might need SSL certificates for security. And if it is just a blog or a practice of having online availability then nothing extra is required like bandwidth or space.

Read some reviews about free web hosting companies;

The only best way to avoid the risk of facing failure is making some research. Once you have completed your research and read the reviews about the best companies. Go and check for their features in free packaging. Now you can comparatively choose one best for yourself.

Some features that make a free hosting company best;

·         Don’t get trapped with some designing sites like Wix. They won’t allow you to own your website. The best one will always enable you to use your own domain name except using their web address.


·         It offers you free space up to 100 MBs or more.

·         if offers you limited bandwidth up to 1000Mbs.

·         It offers you setting a business email or professional email account with your domain name.

If you find all these features in one company, you can choose it for your free web hosting. Once it’s all sort out, start developing your website.

How to select a domain name;

A domain name is what actually brands your website on the internet market. Therefore, you should be careful while choosing a domain name.

a domain name is usually formed with your brand name and an extension of .com, .Net, and so on. Keep one thing in mind that domain name is not offered free in a free web hosting package.


You have to register your domain name with any extension. Usually, people use .com but if you don’t find this one, you can choose .Net and others as well. But never ever fell into a trap of free domain name, there are many hidden things involved in this service.

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