Linux Hosting and Window Hosting, which one is best

Hosting services are getting moderated with different new names and packages. Thus, it becomes challenging to choose one specific hosting type for your project.


This is why today we are going to discuss two major types of hosting which are mostly purchased by people. Both of these two hosting services have certain features with scripts and plugins.


But one of the best and highly used hosting types is Linux hosting which is also said as shared hosting. The main reason behind its popularity is less prices and higher performances.


One of the main reasons to use Linux hosting is compatibility with PHP and MySQL. This allows you to use scripts like phpBB, WordPress, and Zen Cart.  


Whereas the window hosting as by name uses window operating system on their servers. Window hosting is compatible with some technologies like .NET, MSSQL, ASP, and Microsoft access.


These compatibilities help you choose the best one according to your website. Maybe your website is developed on PHP and you are buying window hosting. So, check the technology of your website and then choose one of the above.


The decision of choosing a hosting is totally dependent on your website development language. It doesn’t matter if you are accessing it on your desktop or any other device.


Now coming toward the pricing, Linux hosting is cheaper to buy. Is it an open-source system thus it doesn’t demand any licensing to use? While on the other hand, Window Hosting demands licensing to use, thus the companies charge you a little bit more than Linux hosting.

What is Licensing?

Licensing is a legal permit of using anyone’s services. Suppose, I have developed an operating system. Now anyone who needs to use this operating system would definitely buy its licensing from me.


In web hosting companies, many services are licensed with third-party providers. Therefore, it costs an extra for using those services.

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