Kal Penn, The Indian-American actor revealed that he is a gay

Kalpan Suresh Modi is an Indian citizen and the son of an immigration officer who went to America at an early age. From his adulthood, he was interested to join Hollywood and becoming an actor.

To make his dreams come true, he became an actor as well as a white house member as an advisor of Barack Obama.  He struggled 44 years of his life for being a good actor as well as a government officer.

Recently he published his book with the title of “You can’t be serious”. Though the cover of this book looks engaging and highly positive.  But there are some bitter truths hidden inside.

In his book, he also revealed his engagement news that he is about to engage 11 years longer partner. Without mentioning any clearer details about his partner, Kal Penn said that we are together since our first day and we have strong understandings.

Kal Penn Shared He's Engaged To His Partner Of 11 Years, Josh, In His  Upcoming Memoir

By heading toward explanation, he said that we first met at a bar and from then we are living together for 11 years and have strong bonding.

Kal Penn said that as I decided to be fair while writing and completing this book. Therefore, I am revealing everything about me and my sexual life. He said that he just told this thing to Josh and his closest members of the family.


He said that the marriage would be in traditional style but all are pondering how it going to happen. His book is getting viral speedily and the truths about his gay life is beyond imaginable for any Asian or Indian man. 

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