Indian Bhao is arrested! Social media activist “ Vikas Fatiq”

Indian people are getting the most targeted of COVID-19 and its later versions. Life is totally disturbed there and people are tired of living in homes.


On the other hand, students are also tired of taking online classes and exams. In this situation, student protested against online exams and started marches country-wide.


One of the most famous social media activists in India, “ Bhao started favoring students and also raised voice against online exams.

Hindustani bhau arrested By Mumbai police Why ❓ Full explain | Vikas Fhatak  | Hindustani bhau news - YouTube

He started making videos on this issue and also raised many questions on the quality of education in online classes. This helped students get a new zeal and protested with more courage.


The local police filed a case with Bhao and arrested him on different charges. The Police officials stated that Vikas Aka Bhao is involved in emotionally provoking students against the state.


Moreover, they said that his videos are creating hate speeches and causing religious targeting. While on the other hand, students denied these allegations and showed favor to Bhao.

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