Indian Army Chief Killed in helicopter crash!! A natural accident or Intrigue!!

The most hilarious and shocking news on print media and electronic media in recent days, Bipin Rawat with her wife and 12 soldiers who died in a helicopter crash! Everyone was shocked that how the head of the army could die as agencies are responsible for his security.


According to initial news, he was traveling from army base camp to military college. A crew of 12 soldiers and his wife also joined him. The helicopter in which Mr. Rawat traveled was Mi- 17V5, a Russian-made helicopter.


Many Indian seniors are claiming that this is the most secure helicopter to travel. Also, the former army chief of India said that he also traveled in this helicopter and never feel any threat of crashing.  

First CDS, Rawat was one of the most celebrated soldiers of his time | India  News,The Indian Express

Meanwhile the appointer of Mr. Rawat as army chief, Narendra Modi issued his remarks that he is sad about the death of a patriot and a close friend. Also, other ministers pay condolences and tributes to Mr. Rawat for their bravery and the work he does for the Indian army.


Only one person saved from the crash who is admitted to the hospital with great injuries.  All other dead bodies were buried with their final rituals.


On the death of the Indian army chief, the whole Hindu nation is getting mad at Pakistan. A war fair is starting on social media that Pakistan is involved in the death of Bipin Rawat.

Gen Bipin Rawat Helicopter Crash Dec 9 Highlights: Black box recovered from  chopper crash site in TN; PM Modi pays tribute to CDS Rawat, 12 others who  died in crash - The Financial Express

They are blaming Pakistani Agency ISI for this incident. In defense, the Pakistani public is making fun of their security forces and amusing over the death of the Indian army chief.


While on the other hand, Pakistan's former major Adil replied in an Indian veteran tweet that we are sad to know the death news of Bipin Rawat. He paid condolences to Indian army soldiers who died in the crash.


In reply to Major Adil, the Indian veteran replied that thanks for your condolences we expect this type of behavior from a major rank person. And this is what distinguishes a knowledgeable person from the dumb one.


Major Adil replied that we have a folk phrase in Punjabi that we shouldn’t be happy and celebrate the death of our enemies as one day friends may also die and you may need to cry then.  In this tweet, an Indian veteran replied that thanks Adil I can read Punjabi and speak as well.

India's military chief dies in freak accident as army helicopter crashes in  country's far south

We are enemies just on the battleground but truly friends from in civil forms.  Thus, be civilian, and let’s pray for our martyrs. The whole conversation is getting viral and showing the love and respect for each other in the sub-continent.


It also helps people to learn something about the love and respect of an army officer. We shouldn’t laugh or make fun of any army officer dying for his country either friend or foe.

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