Role of social media in society change


Did you feel that social media is changing your society day by day rapidly?

Have you ever noticed that your ways to live in society and your communication methods have been totally digital due to the incorporation of social media? Let's talk about this in detail.

In old times like before the ’90s there were many methods to communicate with society. An evolution came as earlier society adopted handwritten documents and books, then move towards the printing press, then society turned to the use of writing letters with the postman after that telegraph entered, then telephone usage hits the society. After some time radio came and leads to the invention of television. Then cell phones were introduced into the world. At last, the internet jumped into society and it kept the foundation of social media and blogging. I think perhaps the best aspect of the current internet is social media. Social media has transformed how people communicate with each other, how businesses conduct their operations, and how advertisers spend their advertising dollars. As the use of social media increased significantly in the twenty-first century.  When the Internet was started, it becomes too popular, more and more people started to connect through social media by logging on, and corporations were starting to exploit it for their advantage. Although the use of cell phones was increasing exponentially, the options for communicating online were e-mail, instant messaging tools (messenger), or traditional offline methods of communication.

There are various social media platforms where you can remain in touch with the society you lived in. 


 Facebook is a popular social media platform that allows for online interaction and content exchange with members of society. Facebook was initially created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 while he was an undergraduate at Harvard University to serve college students. By 2006, anybody over 13 of age with a functioning email address may register for Facebook. The biggest social platform in the world right now is Facebook, which has well over 1 billion users. Facebook makes it simple to check in on family activities, plan events like birthday parties and house parties, and more. Check out what your neighborhood is doing, or use Facebook's Marketplace to purchase products from all across the nation while reading the most recent news.



There are other means of internet communication, like email, online chatting, and others. Facebook's capacity to communicate and interact with society (people). You are regarding at a similar time sets it aside from alternative social media platforms. Similar to having your email address, possessing a Facebook account is now widely accepted as a necessary component of being online. Due to Facebook's widespread usage, other websites have also pushed to incorporate it. This suggests that you can use one Facebook account to sign in to a variety of Web services.

Facebook makes it possible for you to communicate with family and friends by sending messages and updating your status. You can additionally distribute numerous kinds of content, together with footage and links. However, distributing content on Facebook differs slightly from different kinds of online communication. The information you share on Facebook is more public than it is on text and email, which means that more people will typically see it. As it is a great change in privacy ways of communication in society. It's essential to know that Facebook is built to be more open and sociable than traditional communication systems, even though it provides privacy options to assist you to limit who can view the items you share.


With 500 million tweets sent daily and 100 million daily active users, Twitter, a social media site founded in 2006, is one of the most well-known social media platforms today. You can sign up for Twitter and quickly share any views you may have, along with photographs, links, and other content to 'tweet' at other users to create brief dialogues.

People publish brief information known as tweets. These tweets might have text, audio, video, pictures, or links. Users should have a smartphone or internet facility to utilize the Twitter app or website,, to access Twitter It is a blogging service that enables registered members to post, share, like, and respond to tweets with brief messages. Microblogging is a blend of blog and instant messaging. Users who are not signed up can only read the tweets. Businesses utilize Twitter as part of their overall social media marketing plan for brand exposure and public relations. Businesses may communicate with customers, deliver prompt customer service, track the competition, and share information about new products, offers, and events by using Twitter. Businesses can also buy promoted tweets, or adverts, to help marketers connect with followers or reach additional users. Despite being marked as "sponsored," some tweets look exactly like others' ones.


Instagram is a social media platform to connect with society by sharing photos, films, photos, and images of your daily activities as well as for commenting on and sharing the photos of others. Users can post still images or brief movies with their followers (people). Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter are just a few of the social networks where Instagram posts can be shared. Since its launch in 2010, it has grown in popularity by including cutting-edge new features like Insta Stories, shopping, Insta Reels, and others. There are several social media platforms available, and some of them are quite well-liked by the intended demographic.

Which social media network, on the other hand, is ideal for establishing my brand? Instagram will provide the solution. Its user base is not what enables Instagram the top social media site! Even though Facebook has much more followers than Instagram, Instagram dominates in terms of engagement, usability, and reaching specific markets.


Users can upload brief segments of video content to Tiktok, and there are far too many additional Social Media sites to include them all. Users may create, watch, and share 15-second videos on this social networking platform using their smartphones or webcams. Due to its customized feeds of entertaining short films with sound effects and music, the app is famous for its extremely engaging subscriber base and addictive nature.

How trend of social media is increasing? 

But social media is incredibly helpful in the modern world, and since 2015, its use has been increasing tremendously. You can interact with people much more easily, develop and maintain connections much more easily, and it can even have a real-time impact on corporate, governmental, and other decision-making processes.

Social media is a strong source of spreading News in society:

 It is true, and there have been several recent examples when social media has been used to spread information and got public opinion. Common people get turned into celebrities just because of their short unintentional video clips, any minor statement or tweet becomes viral all over the world within a few hours. In simple words, social media is an easy approach to getting fame.

Will Smith's Oscar smack to Chris Rock is the first illustration. Before traditional news agencies had a chance to report it, the news quickly spread like wildfire over Facebook and Twitter as soon as it happened. The slap was captured on camera, and within an hour, with more than 100,000 tweets just in the previous hour, it was at the top of Twitter's trending list.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is the second illustration. Ukrainian fighters have been using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter since the first onslaught began to plan and coordinate attacks, highlight where the enemy is moving, and generally use a platform that won't be shut down to immediately respond to Russian aggression.

Aysha Pakistani common girls become internet sensation earlier this month when one of her dance videos got viral on social media. She showed her dance moves on the Late Lata Mangeshkar classic "MERA DIL YE POKARAY AJAA" on Instagram. Her video became viral within seconds, got billions of views, and still increasing its rating. Follow this link to watch the video:

⦁One more social media influencer from Pakistan is "Dananeer Mobeen". She got famous when she posted her video "PARI HO RHI HAI" on Instagram became viral. "Pari ho hi hai" that's the line that the internet is currently adopted. A lot of memes and versions of "Pari ho hi hai" has been created. Social media users are also interested in knowing every detail about this girl as she occupied the top spot on the trend list apart from her viral line. Follow this link to watch this video clip "pari ho rhi hai".


These are just a few examples, some of which are more extreme than others, but they show how pervasive social media is in contemporary society, how it's utilized for much more than just business marketing and communication, and how it can be utilized for almost every aspect of life, even above and beyond entertainment.


 In the end, I want to say that the role of social media has its important in society. The way to connect with people and society has been digital now. Just a text message or email covers all the things that we want to say to another person.  A simple society now turns into a digital society. Even family members talk with each other through social media. It just aims to show that social media is going to stay and will only grow in popularity over the coming years.


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