How to unlock your car if the keys are left inside? Different possible tricks

In normal life, we all have to follow a pattern of our days and complete the tasks of that day. These tasks could be sometime in urgent and we usually forget what and where to go.


Thus we drive by our car and suddenly close the door when came out. Even the key is inside and you remember that you have closed the door and the key is inside. 


That moment could be repenting for you and you start worrying about how to bring it out. At that moment, don’t get panic as a controlled mind can think more smartly.


Today, we have a bring about some tips that are prescribed by experiencers of this situation. You can try all of these and there are possible chances that any of these tips would work out.


1. Plastic Strip

This is the most tried and easiest method to try for opening your door car lock. In this method, you need a plastic strip and bend it in the center. Now insert it from the sidewall or door jamb and try to hook it around the lock.


Once it is rounded on the lock you can lift it upside very carefully. If you succeed in doing so, you would be relaxed that the lock is finally open.


2.  Space creator bag

The most working method is the space creator bag. This bag comes with a slim shape that is inserted in the door jamb. And then opened to create distance in the door. When it is done with distance, try opening the lock with an iron slim stick.


3. Using shoelaces

This is just the same as the plastic strip method. But using shoelaces works because it does not slip and once it is hooked it won’t let the lock go and cover the door space. So you can try it while trying the plastic strip.


4. Hanger wire

We all have used hangers that are usually made of wires. These wires are covered with a plastic sheet. Remote the sheet and untwist the wire. Now make round it with any forcing material and shape it just like a hook.


Now insert this hook in the door and round it with a hook. If your lock is horizontal then this method would be 100% working and your lock will open when you pull your hook.


5. Tenis ball

Sometimes physics works in the normal routine problems. You can practice it in a way that when you make a hole in your tennis ball, the cross of air becomes normal in the ball and pressure inside. Now if you place that hole on the lock of the car and then push the ball strongly the lock will be opened due to air pressure.


6. Calling a professional locksmith

Giving tips doesn’t mean that there is a guarantee of their work. As these are created according to the experience of different people. They try these methods and some of these work and some do not. So, if any of these is not working for you, the best option is to call a professional locksmith. He would help you make another key or open the door with any of his methods.  

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