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Making your fantasy of global adventure a  reality isn't as impossible as you might think. Combining a series of once-in-a-lifetime experiences into his one trip around the world feels like the ultimate expression of luxury travel. However, this can be a difficult prospect as there are many competing factors to consider.

Learn how to start planning your ultimate trip around the world.

1. please take me to heaven  As expected, air travel is the easiest way to travel the world. First, you buy tickets around the world through airline alliances. An airline alliance is an alliance of different airlines that allows you to pay for all  your flights in one transaction. Alliance offers regional passes. This is a good option if you want to spend the majority of your time on one or two continents. There are three major players. Star Alliance, Oneworld, and SkyTeam.


the latter has stopped selling RTW tickets. Star Alliance is a union of 26 airlines covering 1,200 airports in 98% of the world's countries, and oneworld's 13 airlines serve 1,000 destinations in a similar number of countries. Masu.

Although the details vary.

fliers should always maintain a global orientation of east or west (the latter better suited to our circadian rhythms) and never look back. He can only cross the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans once each. Must start and end in the same country.

From 10th he has to travel for a period of one year. Convenience is an advantage here, and paperwork can be kept to a minimum. Please note that some countries, such as China,  require proof of a one-way ticket before issuing a visa.  Star Alliance offers his 133-day itinerary from London via Istanbul, Dubai, Bangkok, Sydney, Los Angeles and New York from £2,580 per person.

2. on the rails A century ago.

train travel was  the only way to travel long distances. These days, trains are a great option for travelers looking for a slower route that minimizes their carbon footprint.

To rekindle the romance of the past, Travel Nation's global specialists  can create a bespoke journey with separate train journeys. Vietnam's Unified Express, Australia's Outback crossing on the Gaan, and Canada's Rockies ride on his Mountaineer are all included.

Here's how:

Travel Nation's rail-centric 74-day round-the-world trip costs his per person, including flights, trains, accommodations, most meals, and some excursions. From £17,760. 3.

Make it private Those who really want to travel in style can travel around the world in a private his jet with National Geographic Expeditions.

These trips are based on epic itineraries where remarkable destinations are brought to life by experts and pioneering researchers in a variety of fields that most travelers will never encounter. His 24-day trip around the world in a private jet will take him to 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


of this trip include the Moai statues of Easter Island, the jungle-surrounded temples of Angkor, the rock-carved Petra, and the Serengeti safari. Up to 75 passengers from Washington, D.C., travel in VIP style on a customized Boeing 757 and stay in a  five-star hotel or lodge during their adventure.

Method is as follows.

His 23-day world tour by National Geographic Expeditions' private jet costs him from £77,100 per person, all-inclusive, including medical evacuation insurance. Departure dates are March 10, October 29, and  December 28, 2024.


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