How to list down a chic fashion blog?

Why You Should Start a Fashion Blog?
If you're a fashion or style lover, you've probably seen some top fashion bloggers on Instagram. A fashion blog serves as a platform for bloggers, as well as a source of opportunities for them. It will surprise you to learn how fashion bloggers make money from their blogs. In accordance with Harper's Bazaar, top brands and designers advertise on Instagram alone for over one billion dollars per year.
Just think to yourself, if fashion a​advertisement could benefit the brand, then why could a fashion blog not benefit you? Yes, it can bring you huge revenue if you do compose a fashion blog sensibly. To start a fashion blog, you need to have a unique voice, personality, and taste in fashion to bring your own unique perspective to highlight your favourite products, merchandise, and brands.
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What You’ll Need to Start Your Fashion Blog:
The first step to composing your own fashion blog is to choose the right platform. Choices abound, but each one of them has its own pros and cons (READ our blog-best blogging sites).
Well,, tumbler, WiX, etc are some online website builders where you can use drag-and-drop tools to create a blogging site. However, these sites are free but limited features can be added to the site. But if you will with a premium package of these, you can have access to many new amazing features and functions. You can also use a couple of different sites like, medium, etc to publish your blog.
Social media is a great way to grow, but does a fashion blog make a difference?
Research shows that for fashion among social media, Instagram took the credit of being on top of the list. You can easily find fashion bloggers and vloggers on Instagram but Instagram is not what you own. There are rules and measures you need to follow. So it does make a difference. It will be far better if you start your fashion blog on your personal website. Then generate backlinks with other good reputed sites and monetize your blog for earning.
The answer to this thought “What you will need to start a fashion blog?” is to create your own website. You will be having all the control and can freely represent your fashion perspective in a way you want to.
There are three things you need to start a fashion blog on a website:
1.Domain name – This will be your website’s address and what users will type in the browser to visit your blog (for example,
2. Web hosting – This will be your blog’s home and where you will store all your website files.
3. Your undivided attention for 30 mins
The main step ~ How to compose a fashion blog:
Once you have chosen a platform that best suits you, you should start your blog. If the platform is a blogging platform like Blogger, medium, etc then you need to just add some attractive spells to hype people with your fashion sense and choices. On the contrary, if you decide to compose a fashion blog on a website, which is a great step, you must be needing some tips to compose a smart blog about fashion.
If you own a fashion brand, then composing a blog about it will be really a positive outcome for you and your brand. It will not only generate revenue but also bring more customers to your brand and even will help to persuade people to buy your fashion accessories – without much effort of convincing. Simply, your fashion blog will not only serve as a blog but also as a marketing strategy for your business [Fashion Brand].
However, if you do not have a brand of your own. You still can compose an eye-catching blog that will attract readers and ultimately bring revenue to you. You choose to write about fashion but fashion is not something that you will sum up in a few thousand words. So you need to be more precise with your writing.
[Suppose you start a blog on fashion esthetics however these esthetics may differ with time for summer the colour, and the style varies as it does for winter. You need to clear out your audience about what aspect of fashion you are writing about]
While writing a fashion blog, you can consider the following topics/aspects of fashion to help you grab more audience;
· Winter fashion esthetics
People in winter like more of a vintage look. You can suggest to people how to dress in winter with vintage vibes or you can suggest to them some brands from where they can buy clothes that give them kinda vintage vibes. Isn’t that cool?
· Summer fashion era
In contrast with winter, summer dressing is more like cool dressing with light outfits. Yes! So, either compose a detailed blog on how to style in summer or refer to some cool vibrant Dresses from different brands for your audience.
·Fashion Accessories
As you already know fashion is not just what you are wearing. It is all about how are you dressing. Apart from clothes, your shoes prominently will define your fashion sense. Most of people compose a blog on clothing, so to be unique you can compose a blog on shoes. You can tell your audience which boots would give them a classical look and which would make them an esthetic personality in 2022. Furthermore, you can add different fashion accessories in the blog, the latest fashion accessories, or best-selling fashion accessories. This blog will definitely turn your fate. Yeah, it will!

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