How to improve productivity in an organization

Productivity is what matters at all workplaces, whether they are small or a larger organization. However, as all businesses have a specific goal, they fail to accomplish it due to certain issues. One of these issues is a lack of productivity.

In a workplace, if your employees are just completing their hours but not working, then your investments bringing no fruits. The possible reason behind lack of productivity could be unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

So today, in this article, we will study how to improve productivity in an organization. Here we go;

1)      Make a road map

Undefined efforts and struggles are no more than doing labor throughout life. That is why we are starting our productivity-improving tips by making a road map. Because all the time, when you win a project, you can’t determine its deadline if you don’t have a road map.

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With a road map, you can lessen the workload on employees and let them work at their ease. It would result in on-time competition and help you increase your employee’s productivity with a no-pressurized environment.

2)      Reducing distractions

The second most important factor that impacts the productivity of a workplace is using mobile phones. Most of the time, your experienced employees start working but suddenly, a notification pop-up, and they distract themselves from working to the mobile usage.

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The actual mean of discussing this hurdle in productivity is neither completely disallowing but in the break hours. Doing this would help them refreshing their mind during break hours and working effectively. As the focus is the primary thing in the error-free development of projects, therefore a slight restriction is necessary.

3)      Having enough and updated tools

The third and increasing cause behind different workplace failures is not having enough tools. Suppose you are running a software house of 20 to 40 employees. They all are running old systems and not having up to dated software or tools for on-time development. Possibly the designer is facing system hang, and the SEO person doesn't have paid ranking tools, etc.

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So, all these things cause late project completion and productivity. Thus, make sure that your agency is fully equipped and up to date. Ask them if they need anything or facing any issues. It would develop trust among them and also ethics of efficient working. It would be the best answer to your issue of how to improve productivity in an organization.

4)      Develop a working environment

A productive environment matters a lot in promoting productivity in a workplace. About more than 50% of software houses and companies are operating in homes and rooms. These places don’t mean to create a sense of the workplace.

Employees feel relaxed as like they are sitting in a home, not in a workplace. Thus, to push their productivity, first develop an environment of the workplace. For example, change the sitting locations and put some charts and working tables there.

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Once you feel it look like a workplace, then it would be definitely working for them. So, therefore, developing a working environment also matters in boosting productivity in a workplace.

5)      Offer incentives and breaks.

As I said at the start of this article, nothing could be more helpful than happy employees. So, if you don't have a happy staff, you won’t enhance productivity.

The main reason for lack of satisfaction from work could be minimum pay. So you can offer them some incentives which help them focus on work with satisfaction. Incentives mean a lot to the employees; therefore, it is necessary.

Productivity and creativity last until there are breaks and enjoyment also. If you are running a company working 8 hours a day and open 6 days a week, your employees will surely lose their creativity and productivity.

Therefore, limit your working days, like five days in a week. A two days break would make them fully refreshed for the next loaded week. With this weekend, you can also put some workload over them as they would be completing it before their next weekend to lessen the workload.

6)      Positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is the key factor in boosting the productivity of a workplace as most employees complain that they never get recognized for what they did for the company. Thus, devote some days of a month for meetings and announcing the employee of the week.

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Encourage all those employees who are working perfectly and completing their tasks on time. Give them some gifts or paid breaks and practice some constructive criticism as it won’t let their morale down but motivate them about their importance for you.

Final words;


We are neglecting the employee's workability for the sake of huge profits. But how do we forget that an efficient team could only earn you a handsome profit, not a team having zero productivity? So, to sum up, don't be greedier and think constructively as it is for your success and your company's success. 

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