How to identify the original Havoline oil Vs fake oil?

Engine oils are the most demanding thing after you buy a car or bike. For their smooth functioning and long-time performance, we need to take care of their engines which is only possible if we replace their engine oil timely.


Most people ignore these issues and consequently their engines got out of performance soon. There are also people who want to replace their engine oil but even they fail to get the performance.  


This happens because of a cleaned oil. When you go for oil replacement, many mechanics store your used oil. You never bothered about that thing but they know how worthy it is. Even sometimes, if you are busy with other things and park your bike or car there for-oil replacement, they would put used oil instead of new oil.


This is happening in most cities of Pakistan. People are using oil cleaning machines and recycling oil to use it. But the performance and stability that the original has don’t meet in the used one.


Many people are even packing this recleaned oil in the original Caltex bottles and selling it.  Many of us think that finding a sticker over the bottle lid is indicating originality. While this is not true.


The fake processors are now making fake stickers here in Pakistan with the same digits on the original packing. People usually buy these bottles considering it original and check by texting while that oil is totally fake.


So today we are going to learn some tactics through which you can check the originality of your engine oil Caltex Havoline.


·         Checking scratchable sticker

The first and foremost thing in which most people believe is a scratchable code on the lid of the bottle. But as I mentioned above, it could be prepared locally. You can identify the original sticker by checking the top side of the lid.

The original sticker carries some friction in doted form over the lid while the fake one is plain. Also, you can check by scratching, the original one offers a strong scratcher while the fake could be torn down when scratched with the harsh item. The branding sticker on the bottle is also dull for the fake bottle as compared to the original one.


·         Inner seals

The second step is opening the oil bottle and checking the inner seals. So those bottles which I used for checking, original one opens toughly and have a sticker inside the lid and over the bottle. While the fake one is a missing sticker on the upper side of the lid.


·         Bottle plastic

The major thing which distinguishes it apparently is its packing. The bottle used by the company is made of sturdy plastic that tells its quality. But when you pick up a fake one in another hand you would get a touch of low-quality plastic used. Also, the weight of the bottles would be the same.


·         Oil color

The last and most crucial thing is oil color. The original engine oil comes in a reddish color with slight thickness. While a fake one is blackish or dark brown and carries more thickness than the original.


Final words;

Engine oils are the most vital part of the bike and car engines. For longevity and smooth performance replacing an engine in time is necessary. But don’t let someone spamming you for money as well as waste your engine life. Be acute to buy the original.



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