How to differentiate between Unique IP and shared IP address?

Internet technology is evolving on daily basis. There are many terms that are unknown for many people who even access websites. These terms are changing and heading toward human comfort to maximum levels.


For example, IP address, a digital address to reach a destination. Just like we use the alphanumerical addresses to reach anyone’s place. Similarly, the internet is a whole community of billions of websites. Here you need to have a separate address than your name to be recognized.


Though using a website name is an effective way to visit it. But not all the time it goes the same. Maybe you are using a domain name with an extension of .net, your competitor using the same domain with so, this thing will create complexity whenever someone enters a name in the search bar.


This is why the servers allocate a unique IP address to every website that goes live. This IP address comes with two different types, shared IP and unique IP.


If a person is using shared IP for all of his websites. There are more chances that your traffic would be disturbed. Suppose you have two websites of and If both of these websites are working on shared Ip the server would get confused to send the exact audience.


Whenever someone types a name, the server shows them similar results that are operating on the same IP or shared IP. However, on the other side, a Unique IP address makes you distinguished from other websites on a single server.


Now whenever someone types your domain name or IP address, it would thoroughly get redirected to your website. Also having a unique IP address would provide you with SSL security to transfer data securely. So having a unique IP address is always the best option to choose. If you want to run different websites of almost the same services, you can also focus on shared IP addresses.

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