How to deal with stress and anxiety at college? Few tips to consider

In college life, we all have some memories and enjoy the whole tenure. Also later on we miss that time. But that thing might not be the same for all.


Especially in current years, the way of learning and joining in colleges has been changed. Students are getting more stressed about their marks and grades. They are getting pressed due to severe tension.


This is going toward a massive level and sometimes results in suicide. This is why governments are working on setting up career counseling departments in all the colleges.


But up to student levels, they should also follow some strategies or tips to make their life enjoyable. Joining a college is another thing but making yourself stuffed is not related to good studies.


Today, we bring about some of the tips to make students deal with their stress and anxiety easily.

Here is how;


  • Setting prioritize

So, you are going to make yourself indulged with everything happening in the college. You want yourself to be the icon in every teacher’s eye and make yourself prominent. For that you are going to submit an article to publish in the college magazine, you are working on assignments, you want to join the clubs and then meet your friends as well, is it all possible together?


Surely, no. you may be starting doing it all but there is no enjoyment and the feel of doing those things which are demanded. Therefore, no need to get stuffed with all these things. Give yourself some time and find out you're prioritizing.


  • Your social time is necessary

The second most impacting thing is your social time. Being a college student doesn’t mean that you left your social circle and be a study worm.


You are human and human beings are supposed to be social. Therefore, always prefer time for your social circle. It doesn’t matter even if you are facing exams, you should spare at least half an hour for your social life.


So be social and ignore the people who are bookworms. You can do what they are doing but in an enjoyable way instead of depressing.


  • Make schedule

This is the thing which is personally experienced in my college life. I was too depressed about managing everything. Then one day I decided to do all the tasks on time. It came in the form of a schedule and I decided to do everything in the given time.


If you are not able to complete your tasks in the given time of that schedule, leave it. You are not forced to do it. Life is broad to do or follow other things.


So think about scheduling your day and simply draft out what you want to do and when. Your life would be as plain as you want.


  • Meditate

Do you know what is meditation? If not, dude this is the age of the internet, explore it. This is the technique of giving yourself the time you need. No matter you are enjoying everything and giving time to everyone.


Your own self needs some of your time and it would be really helping. So plan a 20-minute meditation session every day and you will find yourself on another level of freedom.


  • Share with a trustworthy

We all have a special person in our lives whom we trust and share everything with him or her. You should also look for that person if you don’t. it would help you share your gains and failures without any hesitation.


And when you are sharing everything with that person, it would make your mind cleaned from the tension. Also, that one buddy surely helps you out in every situation. So believe in someone and share everything you are facing in college life.


  • Sleep

Last and the only effective treatment for your anxiety and depression is quality sleep. When we sleep our tensions and depressions also sleep and we found ourselves fresh when we wake up.


So, don’t ignore this thing and have a sports watch to notice your hours of sleep. If you are not getting proper sleep, consult a physician and try something effective to make yourself active for the next college day.


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