How to deal with fashionistas society and your own recognition

We are living in a society that believes in on-trend and fashion. We have set our own parameters of living. One who doesn’t fall on those parameters, we make them feel separated from society.


This issue mostly happens in colleges and universities. In these organizations, our youth grabs the fashion thoroughly. Thus they believe that everyone should follow the same.


Following the trend of fashion may become challenging for you. Especially when you are low on the pocket. Also if you are separated from your group by saying that you are old-fashioned, no worries.


Here we are going to explain some possible methods to deal with such people. So let’s start with it;


  • The present is not the future

The main thing we usually forget is that the present is not the future. And what is in the future is unexplainable. Therefore, the fashion or trend you are following today is not the permanent one.


Trends kept on changing, every coming day brings new design and fashion. don’t make yourself exhausted of these things. The only thing you should consider is your comfort.


If you are comfortable in what you are wearing and what you want to wear then nothing is a trend. Also if you look at trends of fashion, they all originate from a single man. Se gets calmed and focuses on future trends.


  • Fashion is not applicable to all

Fashion is the name of shape or personality change. If one is following it and looking awesome in it. It doesn’t mean that everyone would look cool in that fashion.


Fashions are made for a special community or part of society. Maybe you are not the one who can fit in that trend or fashion. So don’t take it personally. If you want to fit in try it and see if you are looking good in that fashion. If not, don’t make yourself awkward and funny.


  • The trend is not the standard to be “hero”

At this point, before heading toward details, first, ask yourself a question. Why do we do fashion or follow trends?


The only answer is that we want to look amazing like a hero. We want us to be the star of the crowd and everyone should notice us. So why only take help from trends or fashion?


You can get it it does it all without following trends or fashion. Your look is your own and unique. It makes you distinguished from others by giving you a separate identity. 


Thus work on your personality and look instead of blatantly following trends or fashion.


  • Is fashion a source of happiness?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Are you satisfied with following that which is not according to your likeness? Then why do all this?


Happiness is not guaranteed by following trends and fashions. If you are happy with what you want to buy and wear, go for it.


  • Budget is priority

Last but not least is the budget. You are not earning or spending to make others happy or satisfied with you. it’s your life and your earnings. You have to feed your family and also others prioritize to follow. To avoid being a naughty child and wasting money for no reason.

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