How to check car registration details online and via SMS

Car buying in Pakistan needs a lot of information and smartness. As the market of a car dealership is not as flat as we think. This is why most people buy new cars instead of used cars.

If you are going to buy a used car in good condition, possible chances are you may miss the documents or a car that seems to be attractive have some documents issues. Car registration checking in Pakistan is as important as car inspection.

So, if you are going along with a mechanic for physical checking don’t forget to go with proper homework. First of all, gather all the information you need to check the status of car registration. For that purpose, you can simply utilize two ways either online or by SMS.


Vehicle verification checking through SMS

People who are searching for their queries like car registration checking or car checking through SMS have landed the right spot. As the government of Pakistan is making the registration status of car checking easier. People who belong to Punjab Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh can easily check their car registration status via SMS.

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Car registration checking through SMS is a lot easier and costs you really less. It would be costing you a half rupee and get all the details on your screen. For that purpose;

1.       Send your car registration number on 8785.

2.       On a returned message you would be getting details like owner name, token paid, engine number, chassis number, registration status.

3.       For people living in Islamabad, can check these details by sending a message on 8521.

This method is most effective as most of the website goes down and you may need to check it at the spot. So, utilize this car registration checking SMS service and get all the details on your phone screen.


Car registration checking online

Car registration and status checking of the computerized record is a lot easier but not for uneducated people. Those who are familiar with internet usage can simply these four websites to check the car registration status.

1.       MTMIS Punjab

MTMIS Punjab is a governmental website that allows people to simply visit this website and check their car registration status. There are no other complex formalities just enter your car number and press check button. The details pattern is mentioned in this snap. So, follow exactly and it would be easier on the way to check your car registration status online.

car registration checking through sms

This method would be offering you details as follows;

·         Car details including engine number, chassis number, manufacturing date, registration status, color, and tax clearing.

·         Owner details including name and city of residency.

·         Tracking details of any application if applied.

2.       MTMIS Sindh

This website works similarly to the Punjab MTMIS. But here you can also check the status of bikes and cars on a single panel. The format is the same but you have to fulfill have a captcha to check the car details. Once you enter your number the details you can acquire are here;

car registration checking sms

·         Car color, body type, seating capacity, horsepower.

·         Engine number, chassis number, registration date, and number.

·         Owner details and remarks.

This goes similar to MTMIS KPK. So visit these websites to check your car registration status online. It could be the easiest way to check the details of your car if it is legit to buy before making a deal.

car registration checking KPK

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