How registering multiple domain extensions is advantageous?

Website ranking and business success are not as easier as we think. It involves many factors which should be considered even while buying a hosting plan.


As we discussed in our previous article the domain of a specific location plays role in website ranking. Multiple domains registration is also something similar. There are different extensions like .com, .net, .org and some location-specific like .pk, .uk, .ca and many more.


These extensions can change the whole scenario if it goes in your competitor’s hand. Suppose you are operating an online store with a specific name. now if someone else picks that name and registers another domain extension with it.


It would surely disturb the traffic on both of the websites. Maybe, someone searching for a specific product from a specific country approaches your competitor’s website.


This is how the ranking in SEO matters in domain extensions registration. Irrespective of competition, there are also factors that can enhance the user experience of your website.


Personalization in services or product selling matters a lot. This is why most email marketing works on hitting clients emotionally or personally. This helps them consider the fully tailored package and then it converts into a potential customer.


You can do it simply by changing some phase of coding in your website. Many organizations are operating in this scenario. In this part, you just change the appearance of your website when accessed from a certain location.


Like if you have multiple domain registrations on your website hosting, your website could be accessed from any location. Curate a specific design of your website for .uk extensions and a separate one for your .pk and so on.


Doing this would leave a powerful impact on the customers. Also, it presents you as a major business operating all over the world.


For this purpose, you just need to contact your hosting service provider and ask him to register all other locations' domain extensions to your hosting plan.


It would eliminate the competition and leave an impression of established businesses over others. save your costs by using all the extensions on a single hosting plan rather than buying separate hosting plans. Also, there are chances that the service provider may offer you certain discounts on having all the domain extensions on a single hosting.

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