How many of you have heard of BTS? Who really are BTS and why are they so well-known?


  • How many of you have heard of BTS?

  • Who really are BTS and why are they so well-known?


  • Extending the meaning to Beyond The Scene.

  • Strength and support:



How many of you have heard of BTS?

Who really are BTS and why are they so well-known?

BTS is a seven-member group from South Korea While the word boy band is often associated with the image of screaming teen girls, that is far from reality.


To begin with, there's nothing wrong with a young child expressing affection for something they appreciate.

But what if I told you?

About 24% are in their 20s, 28% are in their 30 and  21%

Are in their 40s

For BTS' 2020 Map of the Soul ticket sales, take a deeper look at this age and gender demography.

Females ages 25 and up made 46% of web traffic and 31% were males

BTS fans called 'ARMY' will often tell you BTS is not your typical boy band. And... why?

To get a better understanding,   let us go back to the beginning. 


BTS was created by BigHit Entertainment. Whose goal statement is to use music and artists to help people recover. The company, and namely, their CEO, Bang Si-Hyuk wanted BTS to be sincere and genuine figures. Those people could easily relate to and grow with not immaculate idols groomed amid studio culture But real boys who shared their authentic personalities and talents with the world, As a result, bts stands for bang sonyeondan, which means bulletproof boy scouts in Korean. Bangtan is a word that means bullet-proof. To put it another way, it means avoiding stereotypes.

Criticisms and expectations targeted at teenagers act as bullets, preserving the worth and values of today's teenagers.

BTS changed its name and design in 2017, expressing its maturation and progress.

Extending the meaning to Beyond The Scene.

The new design, which is inspired by a door, represents youngsters who refuse to accept their existing circumstances and instead open the door to new possibilities. BTS first premiered with seven members on June 12th, 2013, RM, Jin, Suga, J. Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook.

Each of the seven members hails from a different region of Korea. So living together in a small apartment was difficult at first. Their CEO Bang Si Hyuk created a method for the boys whenever they got into an argument.

 Strength and support:

Despite their differences in temperament, the lads have grown to love each other over time. They'd feel like they were missing a piece if one of them wasn't there. They became each other's strength and support and formed a brotherhood. Their climb to the top may seem sudden to those who didn't follow their journey, but it was far from a walk in the park, Because Big Hit wasn't a huge firm at the time, BTS' company, Big Hit Entertainment, began tiny and experienced several challenges, even coming near to bankruptcy. They lacked the financial means to promote BTS.

Even gaining the opportunity to perform was a coincidence; their first performance came about as a filler for a music presentation. For the sake of taking someone else's place. Even when they appeared, their performances were frequently edited, and if they did make it to broadcast, they were rarely seen. Because bighit lacked the authority and influence that larger firms had over broadcasts, their screen time was limited.

Because they were rarely invited to large variety shows, the company devised its own method of communicating with its audience. They allowed us to discover their personalities by vlogging their journey on platforms like YouTube.

They also produced their own variety programs, which they frequently live-streamed with their followers. They spent hours upon hours in the dancing class and in the studio making songs, honing their skills. Returning home early in the morning to find everyone sleeping in the same room.



Two years of toil and not knowing wherever they'd find you. They finally won their initial music show award and that they grew in quality.

We might all speak totally different languages, however, their music and message brought folks from all walks of life along, in spite of quality, gender, or age. BTS has additionally shown their admiration for the troops. Many times, together with continuously mentioning them initial throughout speeches, replying to followers on their social media app Weavers, expressing feelings for army initiatives, and pausing rehearsals for Muslim prayers in Saudi Arabia.

Their passion for the military additionally influenced their call to re-sign seven-year take care of huge hit diversion. They are explicit that they were doing it for his or their fans and not for cash, therefore whereas many of us dismiss BTS's talent, by comparison, their success to superficial factors, they explicit that they were doing it for his or their fans and not for cash. it's the event of personalities and dedication toward their craft and their fans that has given a boy band's quality the dimensions and reach that it's.

I hope the folks can come back to grasp that BTS is quite simply their singing and their dance skills. they are quite merely entertainers; they are artists United Nations agency have well and galvanized several folks everywhere the globe.

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