How Jazz is trapping people for Jazz Digit 4G? A fraud Scheme

Pakistan is a country where trading is much easier than any other country. The locality here and marketing strategies are easier to apply. People mostly get attracted to what they see for lower prices.

This is why mostly fraud companies took advantage of these marketing techniques and commit their fraudulent activities. Even some legit companies are adopting these easier marketing tactics to earn huge profits for an investment of pennies.

Among all the telecommunication companies in Pakistan, Jazz is delivering the best services. But where the users of jazz are increasing, they are adopting phishing techniques. People mostly get trapped and then repent.

One of these phishing schemes was selling jazz digit 4G mobile phones. These are mini smartphones in the packing of a keypad phone.

There are multiple models with different features in them.

How Jazz Digit 4G is a trapping scheme?

Initially, when this phone was launched, there was a tricky advertisement of giving smartphones at extremely low prices.

Today people are getting attracted to buying smartphones at low prices. That’s is why Pakistan has become one of the fastest smartphone-selling countries.

In their initial billboard advertisement, they showed only a down payment, and terms and conditions apply phrase. Their Television commercials were fully loaded with extreme performance and features of a smartphone that are about to be delivered at the price of a keypad phone.

Digit4g - Jazz

Now when customers go to their centers, they said that you have to subscribe to a package of 350 for a specific time period. Which you can actually say an installment plan that was originally costing you a 6000 or more for this small phone.

People were somehow agreeing to buy this phone as they were exceedingly explaining its feature and performance. But those who once purchased it were repenting as this phone was not up to that quality as explained before buying it.

There were certain types of issues including;

·         Weak battery.

·         Low camera quality.

·         Hang and lag.

·         Heat up and turn off.

·         Hard keypad and Jamming keys

These were some of the bold issues that were noticed in their phones. Even the plastic body that was used for their design was not up to standards of quality.

People started visiting their offices and asked to claim their money as these phones are just a mess. But the customer representatives were not ready to accept it.

They said that you can claim for warranty only, there is no return policy for any type of mind change or inner issue of software.

Things were not ending here only, those who stopped submitting their monthly installments were facing blackmailing messages.

These messages were threatening like turning off your mobile services completely.

For instance, if you are using different jazz sims registered on your ID card, they would block all of them if you will not submit their installment.

This issue was currently reported by two YouTubers who delayed submission. They receive a notification and on the next day, their total services were blocked.

To sum up, this is a totally fraud scheme that is violating user rights. But people are not trapped and they are supposed to submit their installments. So, if you are reading this article and looking to buy a jazz digit 4g, never ever bother to buy it.

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