How did Japanese blue blood become a standard man? What's the meaning of the world's oldest royal family?



How did Japanese blue blood become a standard man? What's the meaning of the world's oldest royal family?


  • What sets the principles for Japan's royal families?


  • How have Japanese individuals reacted to marriage?


  • What will happen now?

How did Japanese blue blood become a standard man? What's the meaning of the world's oldest royal family?

Mako, a 30-year-old Japanese royal blue blood, is the ruling emperor Naruhito's kinswoman. Her ex-boyfriend, Kei Komuro, was married to her. A simple wedding took place on the 26th of the Gregorian calendar month, four years following the couple's engagement. 

Princess Mako's decision aroused debate in Japan's traditional society, as well as intensive public scrutiny. By marrying a commoner, the blue blood has deprived herself of the regal honours she had gained. This is a well-established custom.

What sets the principles for Japan's royal families?


The Japanese royal dynasty is said to be the world's oldest hereditary kingdom, with legends surrounding its origins. King Naruhito, the current Emperor of Japan, assumed the throne in 2019 and became the 126th Emperor of Japan. According to the leading website, there is no historical proof of the numerous emperors' existence. Jinmu, the major emperor, ascended to the throne in 660 B.C.


Blue blood mako sharks should legally quit the family since the norms controlling the Japanese royal line specify that females marrying ordinary people must surrender their royal status. According to rumours, the royal line has now been cut to seventeen people, twelve females, and five men. The ability of the Japanese royal line has fallen to sixty-seven since World War II, and there are presently just three successors to the throne. Naruhito's 85-year-old uncle, aristocrat Hitachi, his brother and Mako's father, Prince Akishino, who is 55 years old, and his kinsman and Mako's brother, Hisahito, are among them.


The royal line is expected to decline drastically due to the fact that the majority of their young members are girls. Only men, on the other hand, are eligible for familial succession. There are just a handful of kingdoms left in the world today. This has not always been the case with the Japanese royal family, according to experts, who claim that traditionally female monarchs have also held this role. 

Allowing a newborn girl to inherit the throne would be a planned response to the immediate disadvantage of successors confronting Japanese dictatorship, but it's an issue over which the royal line has no control because the monarchy is decided by the Japanese constitution.


How have Japanese individuals reacted to marriage?


Mako and Komoro have been together since 2012, when they met at a Japanese university. Since then, there has been a lot of back and forth over everything from Komoro's mother's wealth to her hairstyle. 

The pair became engaged in 2017 and married a year later, but their preparations were put on hold for four years, with Mako's father, aristocrat Akshino, marrying them only in 2020.

According to a news statement from the Imperial Family Agency, negative public attitudes and media scrutiny reportedly influenced the incidence of post-traumatic stress disorder in mako sharks. He has been tasked with managing the Japanese royal line's affairs. According to a recent announcement, the blue blood was suffering from an associate's degree disease. What she was always afraid of, believing that her life was about to be wrecked, caused her aggravation, and it became difficult for her to be joyful.

What will happen now?


According to sources, newlyweds can go to the United States, where Komura studied law and presently works for a Manhattan real estate firm. Mako shark has a degree in art depository studies but hasn't started what he expects to do with it. He declined a one-time present of one. His dismissal from the royal line meant that he was either the Japanese government or his family. 1.3 million from taxpayers' money that royal females were entitled to receive upon the marriage, and his exile from the royal line meant that he was either the Japanese government or his family. I am unable to rely on any assistance from.


She has absconded from her throne and is now staying in a very exclusive residence in Japan's capital. Apart from his royal title, he will also need to apply for a passport under his new name mako shark Komoro, as members of the Japanese royal family are considered to be without passports.



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