How breathing technique works in Yoga? Why it is used

Yoga is a practice of mind and body that let's calm down. Basically, it was a modern technique that originated from the exercise and praying techniques of Chinese monks.


They were experts in using mind and soul to attach or detach from their bodies. They practice different exercises and breathing techniques in fasting. This is why recently, some people discovered mummified bodies of some monks who mummified themselves when they were alive!!


It has become the biggest topic of interest and a thing to discover that how it is possible? But as per the history books, it all starts with special breathing and exercise techniques called Yoga.


In Yoga, the most crucial factor to be observed is breathing technique. As wherever you go or join any Yoga club in the world, they will first ask you for breathing practice.


It could be said as the first step and also the most important. By getting hands-on breathing techniques one can become an expert in getting on-time sleep, relaxing mental disturbance, and also cleaning lungs.

There are different techniques getting viral for their effect on health. But the one which is said to be the expert choice and effective in relaxing the mind is 4-7-8.


In this technique, one needs to sit on a softer and proper area where he/ she can sit calmly. As in standing position, he/she may faint and fall down.


A common practice that could be noted to be believed is adding mouth air in the balloon. When we do this, it pushes a severe pressure over the brain and pumps our forehead veins.  


Similarly, it works in yoga but here you work differently. Just sit down calmly and empty your lungs first fully.


Now inhale for 4 seconds and hold it up to 7 seconds. Then exhale it up to 8 seconds with a force that sounds like whoooooooooooosh.


Doing this before going to bed would help you relax your mind by refreshing you. Also, it helps you give quality sleep within one minute.


People having severe issues with migraine can try this for up to 8 days. It would help them reduce migraine and enhance their breathing quality by washing their lungs.


This technique of breathing has proved to be effective for many people. There could also be other possible ways of utilizing breathing techniques.



So, this is how breathing works in Yoga and this would be helpful in many hidden causes of pain.

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