How brain of a dying person works? Discovered in America

Technology is about to discover the hidden method of making humans immortals. As they predict that there is some world where immortals live but are hidden from common people.


Some facts like this make science and experts investigate all the things behind these incidents or facts. One of the most mysterious things which are still under discovery is the result of death!


Science is still working on this thing that what happens when someone dies. Also how the brain works when life puts an end to the body?


All these things are now no nightmare. A team of American experts has performed the experiment in which they succeed to capture the movement of the brain before and after death.


In this experiment, a patient which was 87 years old laying on the death bed was used. The experts attached some machines to his brain and the patient was on ECC.

First ever scan of dying human brain shows astounding results, Science News  |

During the normal routine time, that patient got a heart attack and died. But the machine succeeds in noticing the variations in the brain.


They said that the brain started working with a higher speed 30 seconds before the death. The brain continued to work for 30 seconds after the death and then shut down completely.


During this period, they noticed that the sweet memories storing part of the brain were working faster than the whole brain. This means that when someone dies, their brain brings about the best memories of his life to see.

While this watching experience the soul leaves the body and went its way to Heavenly World. There are still many hidden secrets associated with the death of humans.


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