Hosting location, does it really matter?

Web hosting is actually hosting your websites on different servers. These servers could be located either in Pakistan, India, or USA. It depends on the company which is offering you hosting services.


But does hosting location matter? No, it doesn’t matter until or under certain circumstances. Suppose you are buying a hosting of .com and you are living anywhere in the world. Your website would be working and there would be no obstacles in ranking.


But if you are not paying for your hosting monthly bill, definitely it disturbs the performance of your website.


Usually, people ask about the impact of ranking on server location. Server location usually doesn’t matter in SEO factors. But if you are targeting a special audience then your domain can play an important role in ranking.


Suppose you are targeting the audience of Pakistan. Now definitely your website must have a domain extension of .pk. this would help google show results in a specific location.


To make it simpler;

Let’s suppose I’m living in Pakistan. Now I want to search for some products to buy online or any service. Google would definitely show me the top results which are operating in Pakistan or have the same domain extension.


Similarly, it can affect the total ranking system of a specific audience. If you want to rank your website in the UK and your audience is UK locals, then buy a domain name with.UK extensions would be the best step toward website ranking.

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