Honda City Vs Changan Alsvin | Which one is better

Pakistan market is getting flooded with every coming model in the automotive industry. Many companies are now investing in Pakistan in car manufacturing units.  


Even the local established units are now making more sales than the importing. There were huge taxes and duties on importing cars thus companies considered spending on CKD units.


So due to huge CKD units in Pakistan, people are now looking for professional reviews before buying any car. For all those, this article is going to be very helpful.


Let’s start with some of the basic features that everyone looks for;


1)      Exterior

The exterior is the most evident part of a car that we notice when we go for buying a car. Thus, the thing which amazes people to buy Changan Alsvin is its beautiful body composition.

2022 Honda City price, overview, review & photos | Pakistan - fairwheels

The exterior sizes in widths and height are almost the same but Honda failed to manufacture an enchanting design. On the other hand, Alsvin won many hearts with their attractive design.  


If we talk about wheels then the sizes of wheels are the same as 15 inches. The only thing which users experience is a hard drive in Alsvin due to its Chinese tires as honda city delivers the best soft tires.

2022 Changan Alsvin price, overview, review & photos | Pakistan - fairwheels

Most of the exterior features are the same like side mirrors, antenna, DRLs except an electric sunroof which is only available with Changan Alsvin.


2)      Interior

When it comes to the interior, we all aspire to get the best of our money. If the interior seems to be luxurious the whole driving experience goes amazing. This is what comes with Honda city and Alsvin.

New 6th Generation Honda City 2021 Features & Specs - INCPak

The 6th generation Honda City comes with a 9-inch touch display in aspire to model and the non-aspire model has 7 inches touch display. While on the other hand all the Alsvins have the same 7-inch floating display and offer you many basic controlling options in the display.

Changan Alsvin 1.5 Lumiere 2021 Built Quality ASMR Walk-Around Pakistan -  YouTube

Up to the starting features of both cars, Honda city is superior as it offers push-button starting. While Changan Alsvin comes with a manual key startup.  Changing Alsvin also lacks automatic climate controls. I think this is why there is a little difference in price.


Moreover, Honda city offers you seat adjustment which is also not offered in Changan Alsvin.  


3)      Engine

Last but not least is the engine capacity of both of these cars. The engine capacity of Honda City is 1497CC which means that you can acquire 118 horsepower. This is why Honda is always famous for engine performance and expedite pick while racing.

A Look Into the New Honda City - Sixth Generation

While Changan Alsvin is a little bit low in horsepower as it delivers 105 at 1480CC. The price tag for Honda 6th edition is 3174000 and Changan Alsvin comes at a price tag of 2589000. So the immense difference in quality, features which are missing Alsvin.

Changan Alsvin 1.3L MT Comfort Price in Pakistan, Specifications and  Features | PakWheels


If you are daring to give a check to the new company then you can go with Changan Alsvin as it is competitively low. 

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