Top Five Best Mobile Games to Play with Friends in 2021



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  3. ZOOBA:

  4. mbieRISE OF KINGDOM:(Lost crusade)

  5. STATE OF SURVIVAL:(survive the zo apocalypse)


In 2021 we're going to be spending a lot of time playing mobile games with our friends so  I’m bringing you guys a list of 10 games that are amazing to play with your friends right now all of which are free to play 



The first game on today's list is among we brought to us by inner sloth LLC that is AMONG US. An action game that needs no introduction because literally, everyone is playing this game, find yourself in space on a ship working together to find out who is the imposter between five and ten. Players can join up to chat it up and just figure out what is going on inside of this map.

 It seems like everyone in the world is on mobile games right now is completely addicted to this game. Are you gonna be one of the many joining the party up with your friends? You can call together emergency meetings today is the day that.



 The second game on today's list also needs no introduction to one of my favourite mobile games right now and that Is the call of duty mobile brought to us by Activision a mature game that is one of the best shooters on mobile. Right now call of duty mobile brings you all of the game modes that you remember from the days of console and pc. When you played the olden day call of duty black ops modern warfare 2 etc you have all of the weapons that you need to have an extended good time playing this game battle royale mode combined with the classic game modes that we all know and love plus it looks and plays amazing most people throughout their lives at some point in time have played call of duty probably on console maybe on pc, you know the story you love the story from times past and now it all comes together in this title on our mobile devices nuketown anyone probably one of the best most favourite maps of all time call of duty mobile again free to play call of duty mo with 11 million ratings here in the google play store.

This game is one that will be around for a long time that I hope to play with you. 

  • ZOOBA:

Let's get into a game that's a little bit more cartoony and fun in a different way this one is called zooba. Free for all zoo combat battle royale game brought to us by wildlife studios. You choose your character and drop into a world where you would take on other zoo animals you have your shotguns, you have your arrows and melee weapons that you could pick up along the way hide in the brush or slide yourself around the map using the different abilities that you get from each of the different characters inside of the game. This one's addicting and fun and offers great upgrade progression of your heroes this game is rated for everyone, so it's really great to play with some of the younger audience that you may be playing with talking about your kids and as always in these brattle royale style games you can have up to 20 players online so plenty of friends can join you on this one and there it says it fights with your friends collect all of the characters again all having different abilities but stay out of the fire because you will be burned.

Can you come in first place in this battle royale game that everyone is enjoying zooba?


  • RISE OF KINGDOM:(Lost crusade)

 if you're looking for a war strategy game that is built upon power rise of kingdoms is a game for you brought to us by Lilith games this is one that leads in the strategy genre that I have a ton of experience within rising of kingdoms you're going to build up your city train up your troops and do your research and then wage war on your opponents with your alliance but make sure you stick along with your alliance because they will protect you and you will also protect them day in night out you will want to be there with your friends to protect yourself from your foes such an addicting game with incredible end game as well if you're looking for some war rise of kingdoms could be the game for you it's definitely a time investment, not a game you just pick up for a few minutes a day, you will be spending hours inside of this game defeating enemies and making sure that your city is safe from attack to protect the power that you gain and upgrade your heroes along the way when you see your city as red you are under attack so make sure you have the alliance to protect your precious power.

  • STATE OF SURVIVAL:(survive the zombie apocalypse)

Coming in at number five we have a state of survival which is here because it's a lot like the rising of kingdoms but instead of being all historical. We are here in a zombie apocalypse brought to us by king's group holdings another strategy game that you could also easily get addicted to as in rising of kingdoms like we just spoke of in this game state of survival, you will be building up your city getting together with an alliance to protect you and for you to protect and waging war on not only your foes but also the zombies that will be attacking you inside of the game another war style game with a twist into the zombie apocalypse with multiple different ways of playing this game there are sure ways for you to enjoy it collect your Commanders upgrade them and progress through this A game so you could be the most powerful so that you could survive in your shelter from the zombie apocalypse you don't want to be left behind when the zombie horde comes rolling Through.

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