Heart tearing incident happened in Lahore Anarkali Bazar!

Everything was normal like all the days. People were shopping, shopkeepers were highly motivated for that day's earnings.


Suddenly a hangdog incident has taken place which left everyone in deep crying. An intruder entered the Anarkali market with the bag hanging on a bike.


He suddenly left the bag in corner of a pan shop and then move away. Within 3  minutes of his moving a huge bomb blasted with great chaos in the whole market.


Different shops burned and bikes smashed with 3 died at the moment and 26 injured. The surrounding buildings felt a higher jerk and windows broke out.


This sad incident left many people astounded with in-depth grief. Basically, the bomb blasts were stopped years back and everyone was enjoying a peaceful life. No one ever thought about this incident to be taken place.


The videos captured by locals show that people are injured heavily with broken legs and heart-tearing conditions. Even our celebrities and politicians showed their emotions of sadness on this incident.

The most heart thundering incident was when a man holding his younger nephew moved here and there for help in the hospital. No one responded to him and at last, the poor soul left the tiny body.


The CM of Punjab Usman Buzdar commanded to set Lahore on high alert. He also asked police higher officers to be quick and find out the accuser.


At the initial investigation of the incident place, police said it could be blasted by the cylinder. But when the Bomb diffusing squad came to the place, they ensured that this blast has happened with a remote control bomb.


Further investigation is going on and there is some news roaming on the tv channels that some terrorist organizations accepted this blast. A newly formed organization of Bloch youth accepted that they did this bomb blast.


Mr. Sarfraz Bughti claimed this news and said they are taking strong steps to investigate and eliminate this terrorist organization.


Let’s pray for the healthier recovery of injured people. May Allah Almighty bless the dead with higher ranks in Jannah and bestow their families with eternal peace. (Ameen)

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